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Summer Solstice Healthy Food Menus Party Planning

Summer solstice, midsummer day, is a time for celebration. Many ancient rituals center upon the mystical, the magic of Solstice. William Shakespeare had much to say upon the subject in his much adored, popular classic, “A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream”. Experts believe it was written in 1595 as no actual date was recorded. None the less this holiday is pre-Christian in its origin, and is a much practiced one amongst many even today..

What does summer Solstice mean to you? Whether you are new to this celebration or an old hand at it, a Solstice party is a fantastic adventure to plan and attend with your family, friends, and neighbors.

One super way to plan a menu is to have everyone write down two or three of their favorite summer foods on slips of paper.

Break the meal suggestions into three or four sub- categories, such as appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts.

Place the corresponding slips in a large bowl and shake up the suggestions before appointing someone to draw from each bowl. The reason to break it into sub-categories is otherwise you may end up with several of the same type of menu item.

If the idea of all desserts appeals to you, or all salads, perhaps you would enjoy throwing a Solstice Buffet of similar delicacies.

If you are hosting a block party for the entire neighborhood, a pot-luck may be just the thing for you and your guests. One idea which could promote some good-natured, neighborly rivalry would be to have anonymous voting for everyone’s favorite dish.

The dollar store is a great place to buy inexpensive and often quite colorful party supplies. It is equally awesome for gift ideas.

If a best food contest is up your ‘alley’. Candles, Candle-holders, Napkins, Costume Jewelry, Bells, Knick-knacks, are just a few of the inventive gifts you can purchase.

if you simply want to party and not have to decide who’s Potato Salad, or Watermelon Daiquiris, are the yummiest, you could simply give away a door prize. Decorated Gift Bags of all sizes, Baskets, Flower Pots, even Tin Buckets lined with tissue paper, all would be delightful filled with a vast array of things.

How about a Surprise Party? It could easily become the talk of the town, or a Costume Party? Which ever theme you decide upon, nutritional goodies show your guests you care about your and their health.

To plan a menu, first you must start with a grocery list. For instance if you were throwing a Fairy themed party for children, one creative way to brainstorm your food choices is to write it a Fairy Acrostic (acrostic = where certain letters form a word or words) down the side of your list.

Example of a Fairy Acrostic:

– Fillet of Sole, Fritters, Fajitas

– Angel food, Apricot, Asparagus, Anti pasta

– Ice Tea, Italian Ices, Iceberg Lettuce

– Ribs, Radicchio, Raspberries, Red Beans

– Yogurt, Yam Chips, Yukon Gold Potatoes

If Fairies don’t appeal to you, any number of other words can be built into a refreshing menu that won’t soon be forgotten;

– Solstice

– June

– Magic

– Joy

– Flower

– Butterfly…the sky’s the limit!

A barbecue is a classic favorite all Summer long.

If you’re hungry for a hamburger, but would like to try a lighter option, Portabella Mushrooms with the stems removed are delicious brushed with olive oil and your favorite seasonings such as garlic, and paprika, when grilled are especially tasty, Lean meat options are sea-food (prawns, scallops) or chicken, which can easily be made into shish-kabobs along with zucchini, ted, orange, yellow, green bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes.

Ready, set, go! Allow your imagination to blossom into an event everyone will talk about for years to come. You just might be beginning a time honored tradition!