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Summer Picnic Safety Tips for Children

Children love the fun, and frolic, of summer picnics.There are, however, summer picnic safety tips to keep in mind for children, to keep the summer picnic activities safe.

First of all, if meat or any other kind of food is going to be cooked over an open grill, or barbecue pit, be sure the children are playing far enough away from an open flame to avoid any possible burn accidents. Children are too busy having fun and playing to watch out for any possible hazards.

Remind children not to touch, or handle any raw meat that may be set out waiting to be cooked, or grilled. If, however, they do handle raw meat they should wash their hands thoroughly to avoid any contamination, or cross contamination of other foods that are nearby.

Check the area you chose outdoors for the picnic is not too close to a heavily wooded area, rich with foliage. That area may have poisonous plants growing, such as poison ivy, or poison oak, and children probably won’t be cautious of which plants to avoid.

It’s best to make sure your children wear a sunscreen when they are outdoors in the hot, summer sun. An SPF sunscreen of at least 15 is recommended, with a larger amount required for any lengthier time out in the sun. Sunburn can occur quickly when no sunscreen has been directly applied on your children’s skin.

Children need to keep well hydrated in the summer at picnics, and any other time. Children may forget to take time out when they are playing and physically active, to drink some liquids to replenish the fluids in their bodies. Typically, children do not adjust as well to hotter temperatures than adults do, and therefore, need to replenish their liquids more frequently.

If your summer picnic includes a spot near a beach, river, or pool facility, remind your children to refrain from getting too close to the water unless, of course, they are under adult supervision. Typically, children may be attracted to play near water, and accidental drowning can occur in even small amounts of water. In fact, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14 years of age.

It’s a good idea to keep hand sanitizer available for children to ensure their hands are clean before eating food at the picnic. Children can easily pick up germs, or bacteria from different picnic area surfaces.

Keep some kind of insect repellent, or bug spray handy at your summer picnic so children can be protected from annoying mosquitoes, including some that carry the West Nile virus, or any other insects that can cause bites, itching, and possible further infection.

Children should be cautious to avoid drinking from outdoor water faucets since they can be a breeding ground for germs. It’s best to bring along bottled water, or juice drinks, to avoid any bacteria present on public surfaces.

The summer is a great time for children, and adults to enjoy a family picnic, keeping in mind there are a few tips to follow to keep your children safe.