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Store Reviews Publix Supermarkets Florida

Publix is a very popular grocery store chain in Florida as well as an ever-growing number of states. They have a large selection of items, are very well run and offer an array of services. The following is a review of this exceptional grocery store chain.

The hallmark of Publix Supermarkets is good service. You will find that the people there are always very courteous. They have a lot of very nice features. For instance, young children can always get a cookie from the bakery department. This is very nice for mothers whose children don’t exactly appreciate spending an hour in the grocery store. They will even sometimes have someone roaming the store with balloons to give to children in the carts! There are always a lot of people working and you rarely have to wait in line more than a few minutes. There are people to help you throughout the store, and everyone is very nice.

Publix has an extremely large selection of items. Their stores do range in size, but many are extremely large, offering one of the best (if not the best) selection in many areas of Florida. They will often give you several choices of the same product. They have their own name brand for many of the items, offering you a less expensive alternative to the name brand products.

Publix Supermarkets are kept very neat and clean. Everything is organized as the staff is constantly on the lookout to clean items up. The food is also very fresh. You will almost never find something that is out of date or a piece of fruit that is not good. They are on the constant lookout for such items and their diligence shows.

They have many different departments and types of foods. They have a delicious bakery. They can make you many different styles of cakes and are happy to special order something for you. They have a deli, a seafood department and a floral department, among many others. They can make you floral arrangements to order. They also have catering and they even can make wedding cakes.

The pricing at Publix is generally reasonable, and they have a lot of sales. Every week, they have different items on “Buy one, get one” sales, which can save you a lot of money, especially if you stock up. They also have a limited amount of coupons.

Publix Supermarkets is a very nice place to shop. You will find many of them within Florida. For convenience, selection and service, consider this excellent store.