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Store Potatoes how to Store Potatoes Storing Potatoes Potato Storage Potato Storage Tips

Potatoes feature among the food products that can be stored over very long time periods. They are probably one of the most popular ingredients and a favorite to everyone.

Proper storage of potatoes requires no serious preparations or complicated procedures. One thing to keep in mind is that potatoes can lose some of their moisture if stored improperly. This loss of moisture will make them wrinkled and will reduce their quality.

* Potato storage basics *
Immediately after they are dug from the ground, potatoes experience a period of hibernation. While in this state, they can be stored effortlessly for one to eight weeks.

For best results, keep potatoes in cool and dry places. Keep them away from sunlight. The place should be well-ventilated.

Perforated paper bags or burlap sacks are best for the purpose of potato storage. Avoid the usage of plastic bags since moisture remains inside and could lead to the appearance of mold.

Potatoes should never be stored in the kitchen since the heat and moisture there will get them spoiled fast.

* Poor potato storage practices *
Never store potatoes and onions together. They release gases that affect the quality of both types of vegetables.

The refrigerator is inappropriate for potato storage. At temperatures lower than seven degrees Celsius, starch turns into sucrose, which makes potatoes sweet and inappropriate for cooking.

* Additional potato storage tips *
When you store potatoes, you need to examine their quality periodically. If you notice wrinkled potatoes or some which have turned soft remove them from the storage area.

Direct sunlight makes potatoes turn green and gives them a bitter taste. The taste results from the appearance of toxins, which can be harmful to the human health. All green spots have to be removed from the potato before it gets cooked.

Freezer storage is another suitable option. Blanching potatoes before freezing them is a must. Select the potatoes you want to freeze, peel them and cut them into appropriately sized pieces. Remove all surface scars, dark spots or green areas. Blanch in hot water for several minutes but make sure that the potato pieces remain hard after the procedure.

Let the pieces cool down. Dry them and place the potatoes in appropriate freezer bags. Potatoes can be stored in the freezer for up to three months.

French fries are also suitable for freezing. They will remain suitable for consumption one to two months after freezing. Fry the potatoes in the traditional way. Use paper towels to get read of the excessive amount of oil. Let the potatoes cool down, pack them and store in the freezer.