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Stir-fry Holland Peas Preserved Meat/Pork 何兰豆腊肉


This is a great website that a friend referred me to. Amy, I see that the recipes are all tested recipes – dishes that are cooked in your kitchen ! Good pictures too. I tried the Savoury Cake and my family loved it.

I’m sharing a preserved meat recipe, which my family likes very much.

Stir-fry Holland Peas Preserved Meat/Pork(何兰豆腊肉)

200g preserved meat (腊肉)
250g holland peas (何兰豆)
½ tsp salt
2 Tbsp cooking oil

1.Clean peas and peel off hard stringy sides, if any.
2.Wash waxed meat and steam for 8 minutes. Then cut slices.
3.Heat up wok with cooking oil, fry holland peas and salt.
4.Add waxed meat slices and mix well. Serve hot.