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Spaghetti Warehouse Mesquite

Located just off of I-635 in a district of other popular restaurants, Spaghetti Warehouse is one of Mesquite’s best establishments for a reasonably priced meal that is not only filling but is also full of flavor. It is a great choice for a fun and casual meal with family, friends, or just a fast and delicious lunch.

Location is everything when it comes to restaurants, and Spaghetti Warehouse is located in a great spot. It is near Town East Mall, Galloway Drive, and Town East Boulevard, making it a central location perfect for anyone who is coming from a shopping trip or a long day at work.

The atmosphere at Spaghetti Warehouse is perfect for those seeking a fun night out. It is decorated with many old style signs and other items that give the restaurant a distinct turn of last century look. The miniature trolley car adds to this and is a fun place for families to sit and dine while their children can use their imaginations. The music is a fun blend of modern hit songs and the sort of Italian music you would expect to hear in a proper Italian restaurant, making it a nice balance between tradition and fun.

The service at Spaghetti Warehouse is fast, fun, and friendly. Servers here are trained to be extra attentive to customers, and the very large cups mean that even the thirstiest diners will have a hard time drinking their tea before it is refilled. The servers here are always willing to go the extra yard to make their guests feel at home at get a wonderful meal.

The food at Spaghetti Warehouse is wonderful and comes in very filling portions. Even the cheapest items like the tomato sauce spaghetti will fill up most guests, and everything comes with delicious sourdough bread and choice of soup or salad. Speaking of the soup, the wedding soup and minestrone are both very hearty and full of flavor. The most popular items are obviously the spaghetti dishes, but the lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and new thin crust pizzas are also very popular among diners.

The prices at Spaghetti Warehouse are also very reasonable. Lunch can be had for less than ten bucks, and that can include a decent tip for some items. Even the most expensive items are under $20, making a large, fancy meal very affordable for even the diner on a budget. Dinner specials like the $6.99 spaghetti night on Wednesday (that includes bread, soup or salad, and a drink) and the $1.99 kids meal night on Monday make for very cheap nights out every week.

Overall, Spaghetti Warehouse is a great place for an economical meal that tastes great. They may not have some of the more traditional Italian dishes, but they do have great food that will satisfy. Check it out next time you are making a stop through Mesquite.