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Sour Candy Makers and Brands

For many years candy lovers all over the world have had an affinity for that face-puckering, eye watering treat that is sour candy. Since the beginning of the production of sour candy there has been a sort of arms race taking place, with companies competing to manufacture the world’s sourest candy. One company, “Sour Jack Sour Candies”, even had a contest where consumers of their product competed to determine who had the best “pucker” face, which is the most common physical reaction to eating sour treats. What is the world’s most sour candy though, with dozens of companies vying for the title of world’s sourest; let’s take a look at some of the frontrunners.

One of the newest leaders in the race for having the sourest candy is a brand produced under the label “Toxic Waste”. The Toxic Waste brand appears on many types of sour treats, including sour gummy treats, hard sour candy, and even sour gum. Many candy lovers have declared it to be the sourest manufactured so far, but the future is wide open. With the evolution of the sour candy market, competitors have added many flavors to their lines of sour treats. “Warheads”, a brand owned by Impact Confections, is considered one of the sourest candy producers of all time and offers a wide array of flavors for their customers to choose from. Some of these distinct flavors include apple, watermelon, black cherry, and lemon, all of which will pucker the users face in extreme fashion.

Warheads brand of candy also has the effect of causing a potential irritation on the tongue if the consumer eats too many of the popular sour candies. A warning about such effects was placed on the packaging of the product in response to school children competing with one another to see who could eat the most Warheads at once. There irritations to the tongue and mouth are caused by the types of acids that are used to make the candy sour, such as malic acid (the main ingredient in Warheads), citric acid, and ascorbic acid. So strong are warheads candies in fact, that some consumers have reported that while enduring the extreme sour flavor of the treat, they were often unable to determine the actual taste of the candy.

Americans and American companies aren’t the only ones who favor their candy on the sour side though; a new product from Japan has also puckered a few lips in recent years. Nobel’s Super Lemon candy is a Japanese sour candy composed in three layers. As the layers are eaten away and the sour flavor subsides, the inner core of the treat makes for a nice finish to the candy, which resembles the experience of eating a normal lemon drop. Unfortunately, the product is only available in the west via the Internet and online ordering.

It is true that the measure of any food article and its taste is a matter of opinion, and this includes how sour the product is as well. While many consumers name Warheads as being the most sour on the market, try a few for yourself and make your own determination as to which candy puckered your lips and squinted your eyes the hardest, only then will you know for sure.