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Saving Money on Groceries

Your grocery bill can be reduced considerably without clipping coupons. In fact coupons sometimes tempt people into buying things they wouldn’t otherwise, and are best only used for things that were already on your shopping list. There are plenty of other ways to cut your grocery bill.

Be organised

Plan out your meals for the week and make a list of what you will need. A lot of food is wasted simply because people buy more than they have time to eat before it spoils. You should also be strict about sticking to your list. Fair enough, swap one vegetable for another that is on special offer but don’t buy everything you see in the reduced section. Nothing is a bargain if you don’t use it.

Never shop when hungry

This is advice you have probably heard before but it is very true. Shopping when hungry means you will find it extremely hard to resist buying all those delicious looking treats you see. The same goes for shopping when thirsty and it is advisable never to shop with small children unless you have to. You might be able to resist treating yourself but it’s harder to resist children’s pleas, however polite they may be.

Buy in bulk

It is worth buying all your non-perishable staples in the largest package available. The cost per portion works out less, sometimes much less. Dried beans, lentils, rice, pasta, coffee, sugar and salt are all cheaper when bought in large quantities. The same goes for cleaning products and bathroom supplies.

Shop towards the end of the day

This is when supermarkets reduce food nearing its sellby date for quick sale. You can often save a considerable amount but remember not to buy items you weren’t planning to anyway.

Buy online

This saves you money on transport and it also makes it far easier to stick to your list. Not being physically surrounded by temptation can make all the difference. The only drawback is that you might not be able to take advantage of reduced food or special offers. It is usually more than made up for by the money saved though.

Avoid ready meals

These are a very expensive way to eat and cost several times the price of the ingredients. If you can’t cook then you should learn. If time is the reason you depend on ready meals then bulk cook at the weekend and freeze portions.

Buy own brand

Well known brand names are often identical to the supermarket’s own versions, but cost an awful lost more. Own brand foods and cleaning products tend to be just as good but at a much lower price.

If you do most of these things you should be rewarded with a far smaller food bill. Groceries are not a cost you can cut altogether, everybody needs to eat, but is easy to reduce considerably. Using common sense, planning meals and resisting temptation all make a huge difference.