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Save Money while Eating out

In this rough economy we are all looking for dining experiences where quality meals are served at a reasonable cost. Stretching your dollar is getting harder but that does not mean having to sacrifice taste or from preventing you from eating your favorite meal. Budget friendly dining is available at every restaurant, pub and diner.

Nightly specials offered by favorite restaurants, diners, and bar & grills are a fantastic way to dine out inexpensively. Frequent local establishments for monthly or weekly menu’s posted on place mats or flyers for you to take home. These eateries will offer a variety of appetizers or a meal every night of the week.

Call your favorite restaurant for a pick up order. You can save quite a bit of money on tipping and drink charges for yourself or the entire family by bringing the meal home to enjoy.

Check online and local papers for valuable coupons from your favorite restaurants. Many times a coupon will allow for a second meal at half price or a percentage of the total bill will be reduced. Sometimes restaurants limit coupons to Sunday through Thursday, though the time savings may still be worth dining out on during the week.

Do not order alcoholic drinks when dining out. Restaurants make a large portion of their profits from alcohol sales. Instead opt for a soft drink or coffee to go with your meal.

If you dine out regularly be sure to frequent a family owned restaurant. Small businesses with a regular customer will sometimes refill a drink, etc. knowing the customer is loyal to their establishment.

Order off the dollar menu if ordering from a fast food establishment. Purchase two or three dollar sandwiches for more food at less cost. Do not include soft drinks and fries or onion rings in your order.

Keep soft drinks at your home if you drink these with your meal. Also, keep a bag of frozen French fries or onion rings on hand in your freezer. Have a family member stay behind if you are returning with sandwiches. Start cooking the French fries or onion rings before you leave for the drive through. The person at home can monitor the progress of the fries or onion rings and take them out if need be.

Keep crackers at home. Snack on dip and crackers before heading out to dine. By time you get to the restaurant you will not feel as hungry and may end up ordering just an appetizer.

Remember we all need to cut corners at times so leave the guilt trip at home. A dining experience should be a relaxing, rewarding and enjoyable experience