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Samuel Adams Pale Ale

Pale ale is the beer style of choice for many Americans. This is true for so many reasons that to recount them here would be ridiculous. It’s probably best to say that it is simply an easy style to enjoy. For anyone looking to step outside the world of Anheuser-Busch corporate brewing and into the light of American craft brews, I suggest the pale ale as a good starting point. The flavors associated with this style are typically easy to comprehend. And it’s easy to make a novice beer drinker aware of the complexities of flavors he or she has been missing out on for so many years because pale ale really has it all. With the exception of dark malt, the pale ale offers the full range of tasty ingredients for which good beer is known. Even my mother, who generally dislikes beer in all of its many forms, will enjoy a good bottle of pale ale every now and then.

The Boston Beer Company has come forth with its own offering of pale ale. Known as the Samuel Adams Pale Ale, this is one that really stands out. When I first discovered this beer, I wasn’t ready for it at all. I was at a party thrown by a former roommate of mine and the beer was flowing like wine. Nearly everyone had shown up armed to the teeth with different types of beer. Each partygoer was excited to share his or her supply and the whole shindig quickly became a giant beer sampling festival. This was obviously the definition of paradise come to life for a beer lover such as me. When a Samuel Adams Pale Ale came my way I took a gulp and fell in love.

This pale ale is a light bodied beer that offers all of the great characteristics of good pale ale and none of the pitfalls. Where so many pale ales tend to lean toward the side of flavorlessness, this one somehow manages a richness not found in the average beer. The earthy quality of the hops will dance on your tongue like an elegant ballerina. Meanwhile the company’s proprietary yeast strain adds a unique undercurrent that you won’t soon forget. If you can get your hands on this beer, I suggest you do so. It should run you less than $10 for a six-pack. That’s not a bad price for a beer that will make you want it again and again.