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Sams Choice Tropical Trail Mix Product Review

Sam’s Choice Tropical Trail Mix sold at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, is a nut and dried fruit snack mix with an assortment of tropical flavors. It contains papaya, pineapple, golden raisins, banana chips, apricots, cranberries, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts. It is sweet and salty as well as chewy and mildly crunchy.

A serving size is three tablespoons which when measured out is about a generous handful if you have an average-sized adult hand. Of course, if you have hands the size of Shaquille O’Neill, the serving size may seem quite small. According to the bag, there are approximately 26 servings per bag. One bag fits nicely into a serving bowl and works as an alternative to chips or candy for snacking purposes.

Although we are tempted to pick out our favorite bits of fruit and nuts, trail mix is at its best when eaten as its name dictates, as a mix. With an earthy aroma of nuts and mild sweetness, the first grab of Sam’s Choice Tropical Trail Mix contains a cranberry, papaya tidbit, golden raisin, half a banana chip, an almond and a cashew. The sweet from the banana chip hits first followed by the soft munch of nuts, finished with the chewy tang from the combination of cranberry and golden raisin. The tiny papaya tidbit in that mouthful was insignificant and completely lost amid the stronger flavors. The half of a dried banana chip was by far the strongest flavor, sweet and crunchy. The nuts blended so it was hard to tell their separate flavors and they did not have the sharp crunch found in canned nuts but instead were sadly soggy.

When eaten individually, the fruits in the Tropical Trail Mix are tasty. Most of the pieces are quite large and all are easily distinguishable from each other. The pineapple pieces have a slightly gummy texture but are very flavorful and not overly sweet. The bright orange papaya pieces are much sweeter with a firmer texture. Both the golden raisins and the cranberries are on par with other popular boxed raisin and cranberry varieties. The apricots were the fewest present and a bit chewy and bland. The banana chips are plentiful, sliced consistently and are sweet but delicious.

The nuts in the trail mix are the only disappointing factor. It is difficult to keep moisture, from even dried fruits, from affecting the crispness of the nuts. However, despite a slight sogginess, the nuts are plentiful, especially the almonds, and are a needed source of salt to mix with the sweet. They do contain enough crunch to blend with the softness and chewy textures of the fruit. There were not as many cashews and macadamia nuts as almonds, but surprisingly the amount was enough to satisfy a nut craving. The macadamias were the least soggy of the three.

Trail mix has long been the health advocate’s choice for a quick energy-boosting snack. However, when choosing a trail mix be sure to read the ingredients label closely to determine if the contents, including the sugars and oils, fit to your current health plan. This product does contain added sugar but for a serving size of three tablespoons, the sugar content is twelve grams, equal to a whole-grain cereal bar and less than a Snickers candy bar.

Chewy, fruity and subtly salty this trail mix retails in 28-ounce (1 pound, 12-ounce) bags for about $5 per bag. It is usually located in the chip aisle near the canned nuts. It is a tasty choice for a quick snack instead of cookies, chips or candy. For someone watching his or her calorie intake, it is easy to measure out a serving size into a baggie to toss into a purse, pocket or lunchbox. Each serving is 130 calories and 5 grams of fat with zero Trans fat and zero cholesterol.

Sam’s Choice Tropical Trail Mix is a hunger-satisfying snack. A couple of handfuls took the edge off a snack attack in just moments. It can be portable and even fit into a diet plan. The Tropical Trail Mix is a tasty treat with plenty of fruit flavor combined with the saltiness of three nut varieties. For a quick snack, Sam’s Choice Tropical Trail Mix is recommended.