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Salad Ideas for Picnics

Picnics are a common and popular thing to do in the summer. So what exactly are some of the things you bring on a picnic? Well, it all depends. You could be having a backyard picnic, going to a beach, going to a park, or even a road trip picnic in the car! The standard picnic foods are chips, burgers, hot dogs, and watermelon. But what’s missing? The salads of course! Salads are simple to make and often very practical as well. If you have kids, its a golden opportunity to be creative and innovative if you are making a green salad. There are all kinds of add ins and ideas for salads. Here are some ideas for salads for a summer picnics.

When you’re planning a picnic always think about your surroundings, who you will be eating with, and the weather. For instant, it’s better to serve simple, easy to eat salads that kids can prepare themselves beforehand if you have younger children.

Backyard picnics are probably the easiest picnics to plan since you’re right outside your house and can just run inside if you forget something. Now would be the time to serve salads like potato salad, or egg salad since they have to be refrigerated.

Ah, the beach. It’s beautiful watching the waves crash against the sand and see the sandcastles being built. Try making a fruit salad with peaches, bananas, kiwi, and strawberry. It’s naturally sweet, fun, simple to make and colorful as well. I would suggest making tuna salad as a main dish. It’s very easy to make and it can be eaten with crackers or bread instead of forks or spoons.

Going to the park is almost as easy as a backyard picnic. Now would be a good time to bring a lettuce salad or fruit salad. Here are some ideas for fun add ins in a salad.

Chicken pieces


Chopped raw veggies

Mixed greens




Picnics in the car are the hardest. This kind of picnic needs to be as simple as possible. Try making egg or tuna salad sandwiches. They are easy to make and delicious too! Individual lettuce salads in plastic containers would be ideal as well.

Here are some salad ideas for your next picnic.

Greek Salad

Add mixed greens, grated feta cheese, chopped walnuts, and chopped strawberries together.

Cobb Salad

Add romaine lettuce, chopped hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, and chopped tomatoes.

Fruit Salad

Chop up whatever fruits you feel like eating!

Salads are one of the foods you can be creative with. Go whip one up!

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