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Saddle Bag Cooking how to Cook on the Road with a Motorcycle

The open road, wind in your hair, steady beat of the engine and miles of opportunity, what more could you ask for? Well for starters how about some good eats? Did you pack anything, and I don’t mean that bag of crumbled up potato chips and that bottle of water.

Let’s say you didn’t, just to get the ball rolling. Hi my name is “Iron butt” and for the next few lines I’m going to open up the road with some good eats straight out of your saddlebag. I’m not going to dwell too much on the ingredients of the food, merely suggestions that work, focusing more on the how ,where ,and when to the fine art of saddlebag cooking.

Ready ? Well Let’s roll!


When travelling on the road, everything has its place and time ideallyso with cooking out of your saddlebags.You must plan your meal/meals ahead of time, the more you prep those meals the better. The average saddle bag is approximately 11 inches wide 20 inches deep and 24-28 inches long, not a lot of room!


When considering saddlebag cooking your utensils will either make you or break you. Here is what i normally have , now keep count because your going to see that it will all fit into the saddlebag:

I. Small pot with lid, approx coffee can hight. This will double as my utensil holder and any spices that I have.

2. Roll of heavy duty aluminium foil. I can make anything out of this , even make shift plates.

3. Small heavy duty trash bags, about kitchen size. This is what I can make a ice chest with, hold my meats in etc.

4. Small cans of Sterno ( or other brand), bottle of water.

5. Last but not least, my grating. Now I have made my own or let’s say modified an old grating from an old grill.

I just cut it in half and the used metal bands to put it back together to were it will now telescope out or in to fit into my saddle bags, it also has small wooden handles wired in both ends so I can remove it from heat.

That’s the packing list and it all fits. Now let us look at an example of a roadside meal. Keep in mind that all these good eats and preperation can be requested from me at anytime just contact me. I’m going to do something I call ” short sleeve piggy and rice”.

Serves two:

thinly sliced boneless pork chop

Italian dressing ( can use the resurant style packets)

small bottle of tabasco

one bag of instant rice ( do not use boil in the bag)

One apple or mango

4 to 6 leaves of romaine lettuce or your favorite.

Depending on your departure time and keeping in mind the temperature out side, follow these instructions.

Place the thinly sliced pork in a zip lock bag with the italien dressing as marinate. You can add any spices you want at anytime.

If you have the apple , keep it unpeeled until you start the fire.

You will ned to keep the pork cold, if you have a cooler on your back rest use it, if not do this. The small trashbags will serve as a cooler. You can line your saddlebag with the trash bag and then use the hotel ice machine to put a few scoops in, seal up the bag and your lettuce and pork will stay cool.

Start the heat, don’t care how you go about the grill thing either use the sterno I suggested or you had a small ecomey size charcoal bag or useing the rest stop grill. All good ideas and have been used by me several times.

If you rode more then an few hours then your pork is marinated enough. Peel the mango or apple now. Use the aluimuim foil and cover your grate with it lay your mango/apple slices on the grill, sprinkle a little of the tobasco sauce on both the pork and the fruit. This should be done in less then 20-25 minutes depending on your heat source.

Your water can be boiling by now if you remembered to put it on when you got the heat going. I like to sprinkle a little ole bay or lemon pepper in my water, just a thought.

Ok the pork is almost done the mangos/ apples a sizzling and the water is boiling. Follow the instructions for instant rice and prepare, drain cool.

Use the romaine leaves as your plate/display, layer your rice and then the pork onto each leave, add a slice of mango/apple and then pour some of that juice that is still on the grill over it. Good eats!