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Roses Lemon and Lime Marmalade

‘Rose’s Marmalade is a traditional, well-established brand with a loyal following. As a refreshing alternative to traditional marmalades, Rose’s zesty taste and varying range of citrus flavours livens up any breakfast’.

I am a great lover of jams, honey and marmalade. In fact almost anything that you can spread on nice fresh bread; In the morning I like a cup of tea and a thick slice of toast, followed by a piece of fruit. It is enough for me and I find and a lovely way to start the day. I am very fond of marmalade. My favourite is ginger conserve but Roses Lemon and Lime is another one that I buy quite a lot. –

Roses are also maker to the delicious and piquant Lime Juice Cordial and ‘Lachlan Rose first imported lime juice from the West Indies in the 1860s. Trade thrived because merchant ships were compelled to carry lime or lemon juice to prevent scurvy. Lachlan Rose devised a method for preserving juice without alcohol and so he invented the world’s first concentrated fruit drink. Served cold with still or sparkling water, Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial makes a deliciously refreshing drink’. It’s one of my favourite soft drinks and this marmalade carries a very similar flavour. –


This product comes in a very attractive glass jar and raised onto the top of the glass are citrus fruits of lemon and lime. Through the clear glass jar you can see the bright green colour of the marmalade in which fine shreds of the lemon and lime are suspended. The marmalade is a lovely uplifting colour and it does look very inviting I have to say. The label is very appealing with pictures of luscious halved lemons and limes. The screw top lid with its safety pop up button is gold and the whole appearance of the jar is one of a high quality.

It states that this marmalade is made only with citrus fruit and they have been in production since 1865. The jar contents are 454g and they recommend to refrigerate after opening this product and to consume within 6 weeks. ‘This refreshing pure fruit marmalade is made only with citrus fruit and has a fresher, more delicate taste than other marmalades on the market. Flavours in the Rose’s marmalade range include Lime, Seville orange and Three Fruit Select. Made from a combination of orange, grapefruit and lime, Rose’s Lime is a unique product in the preserve category’. This is marmalade for the connoisseur and is not to everyone’s taste.


Glucose-Fructose Syrup – Lemons 10% – Limes 10% – Sugar – Gelling Agent, Pectin – Citrus Acid – Acidity Regulator – Sodium Citrates – Copper Complexes of Chlorophyllins, Lutein –

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Rose’s lemon and lime marmalade is fine marmalade with exquisite flavouring. The lime is quite strong but not ‘too’ tart. The marmalade is in a delicious jelly form and it spreads beautifully upon your toast or bread. The jar is a generous size and lasts me ages as you do not need to use too much of this product to get a good flavour upon your bread. A thin spread will suffice. I like Roses Lemon and Lime Marmalade because of it citrus flavour. I find it so much nicer than orange marmalade, though Roses do have this option as well. It will cost you 1.18 from Tesco for the 454g jar and it is also available in the lime only or lemon only option.-