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Roosevelt Lodge Dining

In September of 2010 the Roosevelt Lodge celebrated its 90th anniversary. The lodge which includes 80 cabins, a dining room, a gift shop and acres upon acres of unspoiled beauty is located at the northern end of Yellowstone National Park near historic Tower Junction.

The construction of the lodge was completed in 1920. It was named after President Theodore Roosevelt. The lodge was built near his favorite section of the park; he camped near Tower Junction during his stay at Yellowstone. And even though the lodge took its name from the famous conservationalist president, he never visited the lodge after its completion. He only visited the park only one time; 17 years before the lodge was completed.

Today the Roosevelt Lodge remains a popular overnight camping area for many Yellowstone visitors; especially horse lovers. And the lodge’s dining room remains one of the most popular eating establishments. I have to admit that when my husband and I were looking for a fine dining restaurant in the Yellowstone area we weren’t disappointed that we chose to eat at the Roosevelt Lodge dining room.

The dining room is rustic; much like the rest of the lodge. You definitely get the feel that you are out. Way out. Animal mounts grace the walls of the dining room and stare at you while you are eating. For a hunter or an outdoorsman it’s like a dining dream. For me, it’s probably the only thing that I didn’t enjoy about the restaurant.

Everything else about the Roosevelt Lodge’s dining room was thoroughly enjoyable. The service was excellent and we were very surprised that the dining room wasn’t overpriced, especially because the portion sizes are enormous. Even my husband couldn’t finish his entire meal.

The dining room’s wild game menu attracts many diners who are looking to try something new or outdoorsmen who prefer to eat on “the wild side”. The most popular dish at the Roosevelt Tavern is Roosevelt baked beans and Roosevelt baby back ribs. But during your first visit to the lodge my advice would be to explore the menu. There are many other unique and delicious dishes on the menu like pheasant and bison. The wild game menu fits in perfectly with the lodge’s ambiance which is reminiscent of a modern day hunting lodge.

I feel like a visit to Yellowstone wouldn’t be complete without dining at the Roosevelt Lodge dining room. My entire family enjoyed the experience. The food, the ambiance and the quality time we were able to spend as a family were just the experience that we were hoping for.