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Reviews of Rockstar Energy zero Carb

Review of Rockstar Energy Zero Carb Energy Drink.

Price: $1.50 to $3.50
Size: 16 and 24 ounce cans.
Availability: Most markets.
Website: http://www.rockstar69.com/

Rockstar Energy has long been considered one of the Top 3 energy drink makers, joining Red Bull and Monster Energy in this group. One could say that Rockstar’s biggest competition comes from Monster Energy; a quick look at both companies’ profiles shows a lot of similar beverages.

Both companies have coffee based energy drinks and both offer juice based energy drinks in addition to standard energy drinks and energy shots. That said, Rockstar’s Zero Carb Energy Drink, found in the blue can, could be said to be Rockstar’s answer to Monster Energy’s Lo-Carb energy drink. Rockstar already offers a Sugar-Free version so to see another ‘light’ version of an energy drink in the same lineup is impressive.


There is an extremely distinct taste in Rockstar Zero Carb, it struck me as a blueberry like flavor. The drink is pretty sweet in taste as well, Rockstar has stuck to using artificial sweetener in this drink, much like the one found in their Sugar Free version. There is also a slight underlying taste of tea in this drink as well.

What is odd however is that this Zero Carb drink contains 10 calories per serving, but no sugar and no carbs. This is of interest because Monster’s Lo-Carb has some sugar and some carbs in it, you would assume the sugar in Monster is the cause for the 10 calories per serving in that drink. Not so in Rockstar, this drink has calories without the expected sugar.

Overall taste is blueberry with a very sweet aftertaste. To me this drink tastes much better than Rockstar Sugar Free, there is a less metallic taste here. On the taste front, if you like blueberry like flavors and want a low calorie drink, Zero Carb is a far better choice than Sugar Free.


The kick is where Rockstar gets interesting. Most of the Rockstar Energy drinks that have been reviewed, show that Rockstar has more caffeine per serving than most other energy drinks (except for drinks like Cocaine and RedLine). That holds true with Zero Carb, 120 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving.

Zero Carb has many of the standard energy drink ingredients such as Taurine, B-vitamins, and L-Carnitine, but Rockstar once again mixes it up and throws in Green Tea extracts along with Yerba Mate extracts (also found in one version of AMP Overdrive by Pepsi). Whether this adds anything to the energy experience is yet to be seen. I’ve had both this drink and AMP Overdrive that contains Yerba Mate (which is supposed to have health benefits) and I can’t really say it has added to any energy experience. However Yerba Mate does contain caffeine, so this could explain the higher caffeine levels in Zero Carb.

Overall I didn’t find the kick to be extremely impressive, then again I drink energy drinks often, someone who rarely drinks them might have different results. I found the energy buzz from Rockstar Sugar Free to be far sharper and distinct, despite the terrible taste of Sugar Free. The buzz from Zero Carb was there, but it felt more mellow which, depending on your needs, might be just the thing for a boost.


The taste of Rockstar Zero Carb is much better than Rockstar Sugar Free making it an excellent energy drink for anytime of the day. One of the few you could drink in the morning I would say.

The kick is debatable, but decent for a drink with no carbs, no sugar, and only 10 calories per serving. It is perfect for those who want an energy drink boost but can’t stand traditional energy drink tastes, the blueberry taste masks nearly all of the bitterness or metallic aftertastes. As with other sugar free energy drinks, part of the kick will be missing due to the lack of sugar.

This drink is worth a try, if just for the blueberry novelty taste. Look for it in the blue Rockstar can almost anywhere energy drinks are sold.