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Review of Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a popular Canadian coffee shop chain that has over 4000 restaurants worldwide and over 3300 in Canada alone. The menu of Tim Hortons is not only limited to coffee beverages. Along with tea and juices, most Tim Hortons restaurants provide sandwiches, wraps, soups, bagels, cookies, donuts, muffins and other baked goods.

The favourite item on Tim Hortons’ menu would be its coffee. When it comes to Tim Hortons’ coffee, restaurant customers are assured high quality and freshness due to the company’s 20 minutes policy. A new batch of coffee is brewed every 20 minutes, and anything older than 20 minutes is poured out, to consistently provide customers with fresh cups of coffee.

Customers also have more reason to rejoice when purchasing beverages from Tim Hortons. The variety in cup sizes for Tim Hortons’ beverages is extensive when compared to most coffee shops. Customers can choose from reasonably priced sizes of extra-small to extra-large. Examples of
some classic specialty hot beverages include Café Mocha, French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme and Hot Chocolate. New additions to the speciality hot beverages lines include Tea Latte, Espresso Shot and Americano. Tim Hortons also provides coffee and non-coffee cold beverages. The exhaustive list of cold beverages ranges from fruit smoothies to iced coffee.

The line-up of snacks and baked goods in Tim Hortons is equally impressive. There is a variety of donuts available such as Boston Cream, Honey Cruller, Chocolate Glazed and Honey Dip. The famous Timbits, which are basically donut holes, deserve a noteworthy mention as well.

Healthier food options are also provided to the market by Tim Hortons. In its list of snacks, customers have the option of choosing yoghurt & berries, and muffins and bagels with low fat and high fibre. Other healthy options include light soups, sandwiches and wraps. The protein options for sandwiches and wraps consist of egg, ham, chicken and turkey. For soups, customers have an extensive list that also includes vegetarian dishes.

Furthermore, Tim Hortons also features a special breakfast menu. In most locations the entire, or sections, of the breakfast menu is served till 11 am only. The breakfast menu comprise of conventional items such as breakfast wraps, oatmeal and hash brown.

In terms of service, Tim Horton’s customers have built a favourable reputation for the brand and expect good customer experience due to the company’s legacy, cultural impression and involvement in community enhancement projects. To make the most out of customers’ experience and be competitive in the quick service restaurant industry, Tim Hortons also provides free Wi-Fi in most locations.

With a comprehensive menu choice and generally pleasant customer service, Tim Hortons is an all-in-one casual restaurant that is perfect for grabbing a quick bite and/or having brief meetings.