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Review of George Foreman Grills

When it’s time for a meal that is quick and low in fat the George Foreman grills aim to please with slanted grilling surfaces, bun warmers, grease drip trays, and even a unique plastic spatula like never seen before. Simply plug it in and begin. While some of the George Foreman grills have their advantages as the Lean Mean Grillin’ Machine, there are some setbacks you won’t read about on the outside of the box.

What’s great about the George Foreman grills is the slanted surface. Drippings from your burgers or chicken breasts, or steaks run right off the grill, keeping excess fat out of your dinner. Not having these fats and oils surrounding your food is an instant way to keep to a healthier diet. Another fantastic feature is the dual cooking surfaces. Your food is literally sandwiched between two grilling plates, cutting cooking time in half. No more flipping your food and waiting for the meat to be cooked throughout. A fresh chicken dinner with seasonings is only about four minutes away from start to finish.

However, be careful, if your food isn’t thick enough you will need to flip it, making the slanted surface the only difference between the grill and a skillet. While the bun warmer option looks nice and there is a choice of colors, it is seldom used and not a great feature. The next drawback is that the grill itself is hard to clean. Unlike a crock pot, where the cord is able to unplug for cleaning, the George Foreman grill is more than a little awkward to clean. To remedy this fact, the newer, larger versions have interchangeable plates not only to ease cleaning, but also to give you a variety of grilling surfaces from griddle, to grill, to an option that allows you to actually “bake.”

Some great meal options prepared on the George Foreman are seasoned chicken, fish, pork chops, chicken fingers, Philly cheese steaks, and bacon. For vegetarians, fresh grilled vegetables like zucchini, squash, or eggplant grill up to be nice and tender. Even steaks can be made to order from rare to well done; however you like it. With the new interchangeable plates pancakes, pizza, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and quesadillas are now also on the menu as well as other options.

One of the best recipes to make is cheese hamburgers. Prepare two somewhat thin hamburger patties using ground beef, chicken, or turkey. Place a slice or two of your favorite cheeses between the layers, and then pat the hamburger together to seal the cheese inside. Set the burgers on the grill, close the lid, and wait for a delicious, low-fat cheeseburger to come out hot and juicy.

Like many products out there, while things aren’t always as easy as they appear, the George Foreman grills definitely live up to the expectations and certainly operates as described. The fat pours away, the food is cooked in less time, and you are eating healthier, faster. For the costs of the grills it is definitely worth every penny, even with the few less than perfect features. If you’re looking for a great, healthy cooking appliance that is easy to use and supplies a variety of dishes, then a George Foreman grill is a must for any kitchen.