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Restaurant Tips

Tipping has more or less become a way of life. When you go to a restaurant and are served by a waiter, you tip them. That’s the way it goes. That’s how many servers make the majority of their money, after all, and if they’ve done a good job, why not? Working as a waiter is difficult, and they deserve a bit of extra reward.

But not always. Despite the merits of tipping there are some situations or reasons why you may not want to leave that extra something for your server. Here are five reasons why you might decide not to leave a tip.

1.) The service was lousy. Whether the server was slow, rude, careless or otherwise poor in their service, they didn’t earn the tip. This is the big reason why some servers don’t wind up with tips – part of the serving equation includes giving people what they want in a timely and courteous fashion, and if you can’t do that, no tip for you.

2.) You got the wrong food. Consistently. Servers need to have good memories, or at least a fast pen so they can write things down. If the server keeps bringing you the wrong food – or, worse, ignores something essential like a food allergy – you can bet they won’t be getting much of a tip, if any at all.(Luckily most servers develop a good memory out of sheer necessity.)

3.) The server is outed as a liar. Mistakes happen with orders, and that’s fine. If you can manage to catch your server in a fib, however, the chances of their tip being anything above zero are pretty slim. (Unfortunately most servers restraint such revealing comments until their trips into the kitchen, where they can complain to their fellow servers and the cooks. Crafty.)

4.) There was something in your food or drink that should not have been there. Hairs, bits of paper, what have you. This isn’t necessarily the server’s fault, but in some cases such items should be easy to spot and pick out before the food is delivered, averting catastrophe for the restaurant. And in some cases the servers do prepare the items themselves – mainly the drinks – and when you find a big wad of drink mix packaging floating your fizzy cherry drink, well, you’re not going to feel too generous.

5.) You don’t have any money for a tip. Yep, it happens. If it does, apologize as sincerely and courteously as you can to your server, and if possible come back to them later with a tip. A nice surprise that will probably completely reverse their now poor opinion of you.

The majority of servers know how to do their job and do it well, and when you’re blessed with these people, throw them a bit of extra change. They have difficult jobs; the rest of us needn’t make them more difficult.