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Restaurant Service

Waiting tables is the easiest job in the entire world and anyone who’s ever hosted an annual cocktail party can be a successful restaurant owner.
All that’s required of a waiter or waitress is going to a table, taking an order, delivering the order to the kitchen and then , much like the last step in shampooing your hair, repeat.
Of course then, at every table there could be as many as six guests. Sometimes those guests are cranky children. Sometimes they’re cranky adults. In fact sometimes a restaurant can have tables of ten or more and they can all be either cranky children or adults. But still, all the waiter or waitress has to do is take their order and deliver it to the kitchen. And, of course, make any minor adjustments so that every person at the table gets his or her food exactly as they want it cooked. And, obviously, without infuriating the chef. Now, it should go without saying that this obviously means the server has to memorize the menu. They can’t very well afford to go running back and forth between the table and the kitchen to get a conclusive order. You will also certainly need to know what the specials are for the evening, everything that the restaurant is out of and not to mention what the chef will and absolutely will not do.
The server isn’t just responsible for taking a dinner order though. There are drink orders, making sure bread or an amuse buche gets to the table. Getting the table cleared between courses and making sure all the courses come out at the same time, on time.
But wait. There are eight other tables and they all sat at the same time. Dinner time, when else would they have sat? So make sure everyone gets greeted. Get table one their drinks, then table two. Then table three and now table ones drinks are ready. While you’re on your way back from table one get a drink order from four and five. Now get two and three their drinks and check on bread four one. If four and five’s drinks aren’t ready at the bar yet you’d better see what’s taking the bartender so long, or can’t you get their attention? Well, looks like six seven and eight are getting restless. The kitchen’s looking for some orders, let’s get going. Have you told table one what the specials are yet? Come on, you’re not launching spacecrafts here. “Is there a manager around?” “How about an owner?” “oh, hello. Which are you?”
The restaurant owner. There’s a posh career choice.
Let’s be clear a restaurant owner doesn’t need to know anything about waiting on people. They pay people to do that, Waiters and waitresses are paid well to know their role as a customer service ambassador. It’s not up to the owner to make sure table one knows the specials. It’s not the owners job to know what the kitchen has or doesn’t have and what they need. You pay people to do this, right. And if the service isn’t up to standards you can just keep firing people and training their replacements, can’t you.
Waitstaff need to know how to keep their sections clean. This means napkins plates silverware and the floor etc. You need to meet the demands of the customer and at the same time what the restaurant can produce. You need to be aware of every person (and their mod) at every table at every minute and most importantly you need to understand the expectations of the restaurant.
Making sure that the staff understand these expectations is the responsibility of either the owners or the management and if they are not clear and consistent then they are not going to work.