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Restaurant Reviews Noodlebosch Long Street Cape Town in South Africa

Noodlebosch, the somewhat new kid on the block. Neatly situated in the ever buzzing and clubbing Long street. Founded in 2005 at the University of Stellenbosch. Noodlebosch is certainly one of those establishments that has popped out of nowhere, much to the surprise and liking of many Cape Town sushi lovers. Enter the restaurant or peruse their take-away menu, and you get the distinct feeling that here lies quality with a degree of authenticity.

I often think of Noodlebosch as the “Polka” of sushi bars, because of their simple, unpretentious, yet very colourful and unique theme and menu on offer. You know you going to get good sushi at a good price and thats that. This is of course, not a bad thing. They offer good noodle dishes, however we were only interested in the quality and expansiveness of their sushi menu, of course. Their sushi is very good.

My favourite is the salmon fashion sandwiches, salmon california rolls and salmon nigiri. The sushi is always fresh, and the sushi rice is quite good as well. I am certainly very pleased to notice that their portions are hearty, and you always feel satisfied after an average sushi meal of 10-15 sushi portions.

Another positive point is that their prices for sushi is very good, and is certainly value for money. Added to that the choice of either 4 or 8 pieces of sushi per sushi-dish. Noodlebosch do not skimp on their condiments of pickled ginger, wasabi or soy sauce, including packaging (for take-aways). I have always had left over condiments after a good meal of sushi.

On the topic of organics and chemicals, Noodlebosch’s commitment to serving fresh ingredients with no preservatives or MSG is certainly a very, very welcomed and well-worthy bonus (We hope other Sushi-Chef’s and Restaurant-Owners take note of that fact). This is more than enough reason to lure any grass-eating Kauai-patron to their doorstep.

As mentioned, Noodlebosch is quite a small venue. The downside of being that good and small (or customer-focused as the intellectuals call it) is that the Sushi Chef is always busy.

Noodlebosch, as the name eludes to, is primarily an establishment offering noodle cuisine. The addition of a sushi offering, which in my opinion far outsells their other dishes, does place significant pressure on their staff to keep a reasonable consistent pace with serving customers.

That said, it may also explain why our orders are sometimes a little late (approximately 20 minutes in the restaurant and at least 1 hour when ordering take-away). It could further explain why they only receive take-away orders during certain business hours.

Regardless, Noodlebosch has been quite an impressive and pleasant surprise to our review. We can understand why Capetonians are going “noodles” for Noodlebosch. This one is definitely a “keeper” and they are quietly making its way up the Cape Town Sushi-Leaderboard, as long as they continue doing what they do best, providing good quality sushi at value for money prices