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Restaurant Reviews Claim Jumper Roseville Ca

It’s a good idea to skip breakfast when you eat at Claim Jumper restaurant. The portions are huge and can either be shared or doggie bagged home for a tasty meal the next day. The menu offering range from Southwest Eggrolls, Chicken and Biscuits,giant hamburgers with all the trimmings, to steaks to die for, and save room for their luscious desserts.


Claim Jumper Restaurant
250 Harding Blvd
Roseville, CA 95678-2404
(916) 718-1705


Jamaican Sweet Potato- This is my personal favorite. A giant sweet potato is loaded with
tender chicken roasted and seasoned with a variety of Jamaican spices. The dish is topped off with a generous drizzle of clover honey. Priced at 12.95, it’s a real bargain.

Chicken Pot Pie- This is the largest pot pie you will probably ever see and is baked from scratch every day. Generous portions of chunked chicken and vegetables are enclosed in an extra flaky crust. Comes with a side dish of fruit. Order at lunch and it’s only $9.95.

Sliders- Four mini hamburgers on buns come with cheese and all the fixins. You have a side choice of fries, or if you’re watching your weight, fruit. Price: $9.95

Southwest Egg rolls- Six egg rolls are filled with fresh chicken and black beans Seasoned with cilantro and pasilla peppers, these eggrolls are very filling. Price: $9.25.


My favorite is the Chocolate Motherload cake. – The super moist slice is taken from a six layer chocolate cake and filled with chocolate chips and walnuts, and iced with a decadent chocolate fudge frosting. You’ll savor this yummy slice for days. Price: $9.95.

Jumpers Mud Pie- This extra tall slice of mud pie comes in mint chip, cookies and cream, or heath bar flavors. I like the extra generous serving of caramel that is drizzled over the top and enough hot fudge to satisfy the most hard-core chocolate lover. Price: $7.95. Tell the server if it’s your birthday and you get a smaller slice with a lighted candle free.


We found a great waiter named Matt that we ask for each time we come in. He is quick to bring our drinks and take our order. He refills our drinks promptly without being asked, and remembers my husband’s salad request and that no vegetables should come on his plate. He is attentive without being bothersome.


Claim Jumper is consistently good food at a good price. If you’re a smaller eater, a junior jumpers menu is offered. Kids can choose from entrees like mac n cheese and corn dogs from the little jumper menu. Warning: Claim Jumper desserts can be addictive.