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Restaurant Chain Reviews Cheesecake Factory

As a resident of northern Kentucky, right by the Ohio border, I frequently like to escape to the Kenwood Mall, which is in a very ritzy part of Ohio, where some of the richest people live. The dining choices in that area definitely show that the wealthy class is who they are aiming to please. Inside the mall, there is a gigantic restaurant, that from the outside, looks as if it was some sort of spectacular Italian house. Not only does it have a golden glow, but the food is wonderful, too. It attracts many looking for a drink at the bar, a couple of great appetizers, or even a few slices of it’s awesome varieties of cheesecake.

When you walk in, you feel as though you are in a place where the socialites flock. It could impress anyone of any age. It’s dimmed lights and relaxed, yet fancy atmosphere, make it an ideal choice for people desiring any specific type of environment. There are various seating arrangements; booths, small tables, you can eat at the bar, or even a high rise table. The only thing I thought was a little too public was the semi-booth, semi-table seating. It almost feels as if you are so close to that other person, that they are eating your meal with you. Other than that small flaw, the seating is great.

Since it is a place that is demanded by a lot of people, and recommended by even more, the Cheesecake factory gets many customers hoping to delight their mouths in some indulgent food every day. No, you can’t make reservations, and the wait on weekends can most probably be expected to be quite long, but patience is rewarded with delicious dishes and great services.
As could be said by many other’s who’ve experienced it’s charm, you are usually greeted by a friendly waiter or waitress who is very accurate on your account. They really do their job well, considering they may have to manage 10 tables at a time.

Opening up your menu, which is more like a book than a menu, you will find the most spectacular difference of food choices. Ranging anywhere from Meatloaf, steak, orange chicken, spaghetti bolognaise to tacos, seafood dishes, sandwiches, and the common burger. All are graciously given to you in large portions, it is not often that I finish a meal at the Cheesecake Factory. The arrangement of the dishes is wonderful, too, I give them 5 stars out of 5 stars for presentation, most definitely.

Unfortunately for some of us, the Cheesecake Factory is quite the drop in the bucket. Dishes, at their cheapest, are about, on average, 11 dollars each. Most are in the 15 dollar range and many are even above that price. So when considering the Cheesecake Factory as your dining choice, make sure you won’t wince when receiving the check, as it may be very hefty.

Lastly, there is that thing the Cheesecake Factory claims to be the best in making. Cheesecake! After the meal is all said and done, or all eaten and digesting, I should say, you are probably thinking about sampling some of that fabulous cheesecake. I have tried the chocolate cheesecake, strawberry, and raspberry cheesecakes, but the one I definitely think everybody should try is the chocolate tuxedo cheesecake. When these pieces of cheesecake are presented to you, they look far too pretty to eat, yet look also too delicious not to devour in seconds.

What I really think of the Cheesecake Factory is that, to the average middle class American citizen looking for a night on the town, to be something you would only frequent when celebrating family events. Birthdays, for example, are great for the cheesecake factory. I mean, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves with some great food that makes everybody happy even if it’s not their birthday? For any special occasion, this restaurant is a MUST.

So if you were unsure before, maybe now you’re reassured, though I don’t know why you would ever doubt an eloquent restaurant like the Cheesecake Factory, in which everyone seems to love. If you’re feeling adventurous with your dining today, or are anticipating a birthday in the near future, you should definitely check this place out. You will be so very happy that you did.