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Resees Dark Peanut Butter Cups

Dark chocolate confections are rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices among candy consumers. Many varieties have now introduced a dark chocolate version, including Hershey’s Reese’s peanut butter cups. Reese’s Dark became available in June 2009. Their recent advertising campaign includes a television commercial featuring a brightness bar being dimmed until the original milk chocolate peanut butter cups darken, revealing the Reese’s Dark peanut butter cups. It is all about the dark chocolate.

Reese’s Dark is packaged in the traditional orange peanut butter cup packaging however, the end flaps fade to a darker brown. The dark chocolate candy cups are round with scalloped edges, exactly the same shape and size as the milk chocolate version. When the packaging is opened, the scent of chocolate is strongest, similar to opening a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. The dark, brown wax wrapper peels easily from the peanut butter cup without any chocolate sticking to the bottom or edges.

With the first tastes, it is not the dark chocolate flavor that stands out but the peanut butter center. A peanut butter cup features a center of creamy peanut butter encased by chocolate. The bite of Reese’s Dark is at first dominated by peanut butter but as that melts away the dark chocolate moves forward. The dark chocolate is rich but not bitter. It is creamy and mildly decadent. The dark chocolate compliments the peanut butter center well and the combined flavors are delicious. This reviewer did prefer the Reese’s Dark made with dark chocolate over the regular Reese’s made with milk chocolate.

A single serving Reese’s is considered two peanut butter cups with a combined weight of 1.5-ounces (42g). The serving size is one package. Each serving size or two peanut butter cups contain 210 calories and fourteen grams of fat. It does not contain any trans fat. The package does not carry a specific warning for people with peanut allergies. It is important to note that since one of the main ingredients is peanut butter, people with these allergies should be aware of this included ingredient.

A package of Reese’s Dark can be found at most general grocery stores, convenience marts, gas stations, and in retailers that offer a candy aisle or counter display. This product can also be purchased online at retailers like Amazon.com. A twenty-four count container/box costs approximately $20.75 (U.S.) from Amazon.com. An individual package from a retailer like Wal-Mart or Target may cost approximately seventy-nine to eighty-nine cents (U.S.) per package. However, Wal-Mart has had the Reese’s Dark peanut butter cups on a price rollback for fifty cents per individual package.

Is there a significant difference between the milk chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups and the dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cups? Not really. The taste variance is slight. The dark chocolate is tasty but when mixed with the peanut butter insides it is not a standout flavor. The dark chocolate variety does have a slightly less sweet taste overall.

Reese’s Dark is a peanut butter and dark chocolate combination that tastes good. For a change from a traditional candy bar, the peanut butter cup products produced by the Hershey company are enjoyable. If you like the taste of dark chocolate as well as peanut butter, then Reese’s Dark is a recommended product.