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Removing Salty Flavor from Soup

Creating that perfect pot of homemade soup is something of a trick, especially if you are adding lots of flavors from spices. Sometimes the flavors we add already have enough salt in them to season the soup, but we are unaware of this fact, so we add more. And, in some cases, the soup becomes way too salty to enjoy. Soup can be easily fixed of this salty problem if you have some tasty and simply ingredients to add!

First of all, the quickest fix is to add potatoes to your soup. If this isn’t practical because your soup is rice based or noodle based, simply peel a large potato and cut it into large chunks, then add these to your soup to allow it to absorb the salty flavor. Prior to serving, remove the large chunks of potato using a straining spoon and discard. The soup will be a lot less salty and great for everyone to enjoy.

A second method of removing salty flavor from your soup is to add liquid – you could add water or non-salted chicken or beef broth, or even vegetable broth. If you have homemade stock of beef, chicken or vegetable, it will take the saltiness away and improve the flavor of your soup by adding a hearty flavor. In this method you’ll need to add the liquid a cup at a time and allow the soup to cook for at least five minutes. Taste again and if still too salty, add another cup of liquid. Continue this process until you have reached a good seasoning level without the salt. If your liquid adds too much to the soup, once you’ve adjusted for the salt level, simply add dry mashed potato flakes to thicken your soup. It will add thickness and take away more salt flavor.

Another method would be to add some red wine to your soup. As it cooks the alcohol will evaporate and dissipate but the red wine flavor will enhance your soup flavor and will reduce the saltiness that comes from over seasoning with salt or other varieties of spices that contain salt naturally.

Finally, you can always add something that contains sugar – whether it be just simply sugar or a sweetener like Splenda, or a sweet liquid like cherry juice, or a citrus juice. You have to be careful though of the flavor mix when you have a hearty soup or a spicy soup, because you can ruin the intended flavor by trying to get rid of the salty flavor.

The best advice is to begin with the ingredients and keep the salt out! If your meat is particularly salty, like ham hocks or ham bones, soak them in water first for an hour or so and drain away the salty flavor before you put it in your soup. Then, after the soup has simmered for some time, taste before you add any additional salt! Soup is a great thing to make and can be really good, it just needs time to meld the flavors before you season!