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Red Lobster Knoxville Tn Merchants rd Red Lobster Review Red Lobster Knoxville Red Lobster Menu

Restaurant Review of Red Lobster in Staunton, Virginia

The Red Lobster restaurant in Staunton, Virginia is located close to the end of the town near the Colonial Mall. When the customer walks in, they are immediately greeted by a friendly host or hostess who guides them to a table. The menu features all kind of seafood specialties as well as pasta, steak and chicken. The ambiance is warm and inviting, the interior is decorated in reds and browns which makes the customer feel comfortable and at ease. The walls are decorated with pictures of boats, water, and maritime items. The serving staff are pleasant and friendly and they always put the customer first.

The menu has an unique selection of items for lunch and dinner. Some of the appetizers sound unusual like ” lobster nachos” for instance but those lobster nachos are actually quite tasty. The menu also features a ‘lobster bisque’ which sounds unusual but is actually very satisfying as well as a more conventional soup selections. Every day, the menu features the week’s fresh fish selection which features items such as trout, tilapia and exotic choices like maui-maui. The customer has the option of creating their own lunch or dinner menu by picking two or three items from the menu and being charged individually for each selection. If the customer is not a seafood lover, they can order chicken or steak cooked to order. The manager is a man named Dave Mays, he is friendly, personable and greets all the customers with a smile and makes sure their needs are being taken care of by the wait staff. The dessert selection is small but very features dessert items that are very filling such as fudge overboard or the warm apple crumble. The menu also features alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages such as coffee, soda, beer and wine and cocktails.

This particular Red Lobster restaurant also is in a good location. It is near one of the main roads in the town and also near the local mall, so customers can walk off calories and do some shopping if they so choose. There is adequate parking for the customers who visit the establishment as well. Overall this restaurant is a good choice for a quick lunch, a fun gathering with friends and family or a place for coworkers to relax or have a celebration of any kind. On a scale of 1 to 5 with one being the worst and 5 being the best, this establishment would be rated by most customers a 4.