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Red-cooked Pork

Food Culture

The red cooked pork is one of the most common Chinese home cooking dishes. There are many flavors all over China, but among them Shanghai local flavor is the most famous one.  Its thick red oil sauce makes it very popular.



  • 300 grams of Pork belly




2 spoons of Dark soy sauce      2 spoons of Cooking wine

2 spoons of White sugar          1 spoon of Salt

5 grams of Ginger                     5 grams of Green onion

3 grams of Star anise               3 grams of Dried tangerine peel



Step 1. Wash 300 grams of belly pork, cut it into 2 cm size pieces;

Step 2. Cut 5 grams of green onion into small pieces, 5 grams of ginger into slice;

redcookedport_Step1Step 3. Pour 3 spoons of oil into the wok, just cover the bottom, and heat for a while;

Step 4. Add 2 spoons of white sugar and stir-fry for 30 seconds;


Step 5. Add the pork pieces, stir-fry until the pork has become black and red color;


Step 6. Add 500 grams of water just cover the meat, 2 spoons of dark soy sauce and cooking wine, stir for 2 minutes;

Step 7. Add the green onion and ginger slices, 3 grams of star anise and tangerine peel, with the fire to boil the broth;


Step 8. Cover the wok, stew over small fires for one hour, and finally add one spoon of salt.




  • Golden color, taste soft;
  • A little fat but not greasy.



  • We can also add Chinese cabbage, tofu, potato or carrot above the pork in the bottom of the wok, in order to get a great variety of delicious stew.