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Red Bull Side Effects

Before we get deep into the side effects of the Red Bull (and other) energy drinks, let’s take a look at what exactly constitutes these drinks. Inside of the most popular energy drink in the world is taurine, caffeine, sucrose, and glucose. The taurine inside has not been shown to have negative effects upon the user, but its high caffeine content has.

Red Bull, because of its sugar and caffeine based content, can produce symptoms similar to someone under stress or in a nervous situation. The cardiovascular side effects of Red Bull (when consumed by healthy young adults) have been shown to signal dangers close to individuals coronary artery disease. Red Bull, however, has noted that this is no different than levels obtained through normal coffee consumption. Nonetheless, because of these caffeine based side effects, Red Bull (and coffee for that matter) has been cautioned to those individuals under particular stress or prone to other cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure.

There is 80 mg of caffeine per 8.3 fl oz can, which is just as high as your average cup of joe. Many consumers, however, are unaware of this. Due to its often contrasting market status (as depicted in commercials, by representatives, and sales pitches) that totes itself as the anti-coffee. Red Bull has publicly stated (both on their cans and in legal statements) that side effects of their products are mood swings, hallucinations, paranoia, lack of attention, lack of organizational skills, and psychotic states (such as irrational behavior). Though many people go through these periods symptom free (or at least they think), these symptoms can be so severe that it would be imprudent to let those with risks take Red Bull.

Although Red Bull may contain more caffeine than your average instant coffee, it still has not been shown to severely affect the majority of the population who consume it on a daily basis. The company has recommended many beginners to take half of a drink (or shot) and see how they feel, or find out whether or not it is for them. A quick blood rush (or flush) after consumption is quite typical.

Drinking Red Bull (and other energy drinks) is a matter of personal preference. Negative side effects have been connected with the famed beverage, but it provides a valuable lift-up to those daily users who proclaim its benefits.


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