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Recipes Southern Style Cornbread

Southern Style Cornbread:

Southern Style Cornbread is the stable of most Southern suppers made, years ago and even now. It brings memories of many suppers from the old South and the smell of it cooking, conjures up traditions added back to the present, from a hundred years ago.

It is a must with meat or vegetables and any soups. In the beginning, it was even known to be a dessert for those who appreciated a cool glass of buttermilk with the cornbread smashed inside it, making a sort of pudding. This concoction, was never my favorite.

To begin:

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees:

2. A cast iron skillet is needed. Put aside till asked for.

3. A large bowl mixed with self rising corn meal, start with three cups. If you see the mixture you will make looks like it is too thin, you can always add another cup.

4. Two eggs, and a quarter cup of oil or (bacon drippings if you got it.)

5. Also needed is milk and buttermilk.

6. Mix the cornmeal, eggs, oil, and maybe a little sugar, not much, together Add in one cup of buttermilk. This will make it rise. Unfortunately, you will see milk is still needed to thin it out some. (Buttermilk is thick.) Beat your mixture to the desired consistency you want.

7. At your skillet, have it on your burner with a small amount of oil. When it is hot, pour the cornbread mixture in it and put in the oven.

8. Give it maybe thirty minutes or so until it is brown and the middle is no longer soft.

9. Spread with butter. And cut directly from the pan on the table.

(You can add jalapenos to this or red peppers, it is good.)

* Important to keep in mind, this can be frozen and used in dressing or stuffing, later when needed.*