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Recipes Italian Cookies

This is how my mum makes her Cruspola(not sure about the spelling). Vermouth is the magic ingredient for a cookie recipe that I believe has been passed down by her family over the generations.
Think I inherit my mum’s way of cooking and that is I never use a weighing scale.
No need to preheat the oven as these biscuits are cooked in deep fat similar to the way you would deep fry doughnuts.
Take a small glass and crack two eggs into the glass.
In a same size glass measure the same volume of sugar
then the same volume of cooking oil
then half the volume of vermouth(bianco)this gives the distinctive flavor
and half the volume of milk
plain flour
Add all ingredients except flour into a medium sized bowl
add flour a little at a time
Mix into a dough similar in consistency to pastry…
Roll out thinly into a square shape on a floured surface
cut into strips about one centimeter wide(use a fancy cutter if possible)
tie each strip into a loose knot…(that’s the tricky part)
and fry a few at a time in hot fat until golden brown.
*(make sure the fat doesn’t get too hot)*
turn out onto absorbent kitchen roll,
sprinkle with icing sugar and allow to cool.

I found these biscuits are best served in the evening with a nice glass of white wine. Would say they are a cross between doughnuts and pastry and not too sweet.