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Recipes Ham and Leek Pie


This traditional Ham and Leek Pie is full of good stuff and also has a little bit of a kick to it courtesy of a healthy dose of curry powder.

For this dish you will need the following ingredients from your pantry or kitchen cupboards:-

Enough home made or shop bought pastry to line and also cover a standard eight inch pie dish

3 large leeks, which have been cleaned under cold water and then sliced roughly.

Two hundred and twenty five grams of cooked ham, which has been cut roughly into cubes.

One table spoon full of butter for the filling

An extra fifty grams of butter for the sauce

Fifty grams of plain flour

Five hundred mls of milk

One table spoon of curry powder.

The first thing you will need to do is to heat some of the butter in a saucepan over a gentle heat. It should not take long for the butter to melt. To this add the roughly chopped leaks and chopped ham. Keep moving the leeks in the saucepan until they are thoroughly cooked and softened somewhat. Once satisfied that the leeks are cooked set to one side and start work on the accompanying sauce for this dish.

For the sauce you will need another fifty grams of butter, which again needs to be melted in a saucepan. To this add the plain flour gradually, whisking continuously with a whisk to prevent lumps from forming. Then add the five hundred mls of milk to the mixture, again stirring all the time. After a while the sauce will thicken considerably when this happens the sauce is ready to accept the hot element of the dish, the curry powder. The 1 table spoon full of the curry powder is enough to give the dish some heat, so add it into the sauce and stir well together with some salt and pepper to your taste. Finally add in the leeks and ham mixture and cook for around another five minutes.

Meanwhile, you will probably already have prepared your 8 inch pie dish with a fairly thin layer of pastry. To this pour in the ham and leek mixture. Cover the top with another piece of pastry and cut to size removing all waste pastry from the sides. Crimp the pastry in place and then simply slam into a hot oven, roughly two hundred degrees C for around fifteen to twenty minutes and serve when the pastry has turned a lovely golden brown color.