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Recipes Donuts

Donuts you make yourself are so much fun and delicious too, even the kids can join in after the cooking. This is a very basic project.

2 cans of biscuits
5 cups of peanut oil
10x sugar
1 tsp vanilla flavoring(any flavor)
Hershey syrup

Remove biscuits from container and lay of out on cutting board, using anything small and round (I use a plastic container from a roll of film).
Cut out the holes in the center, heat oil on high. Once you start cooking DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. Prepare a cookie sheet with paper towels for the bigger dough-nuts.
Drop a dough-nut hole into the oil, when it floats the oil is hot enough; continue to add the dough-nut holes leaving enough room to turn. They fry very quickly. Place some 10x sugar in a brown paper bag, when your dough-nut holes are done put them in the brown bag and shake. They make the best powdered sugar dough-nut holes.

After the first batch has cooked turn the temperature down so as not burn the rest of your dough. Continue until you have fried all the biscuits, placing the dough-nuts onto the paper towels for draining. Let cool completely.

Now it’s time to make the chocolate frosting.
3 cups 10x sugar
1 cup Hershey syrup
1 tsp milk
Mix throughly, when dough-nuts are cooled enough to handle, dip one side into chocolate and place on a plate. If your one of those adventurous folks, place dough-nut chocolate side into sprinkles.
It’s easy, fun, inexpensive and yummy too.