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Recipes Chicken Legs

The center of my family’s Sunday dinner this week will be finger-licking chicken! Broiled to be exact…well, now that might not be how you Southerners like to eat chicken, but it’s one of the healthiest ways that this Yankee likes to chow down! I’d love to share another family recipe (my son’s) that we have used several times.

To prepare you will need:

1. broiler pan, bowl, and plate

2. cooking spray (olive oil, cannolla oil or sprays that are healthy)

3. 12 piece package of chicken legs (or more), with skins (don’t worry-you won’t have to eat the skin!)

4. Cajun seasoning, chili powder, ground onion, ground mustard, parsley

To start, always wash your hands. Then spray the broiler (top pan) well with cooking spray so chicken doesn’t stick. Thoroughly wash chicken legs in cool water. Let drain. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling poultry. In a bowl, use your clean fingers to mix above spices (we use a pinch of this and a dash of that), the choice is yours and to your taste. Grab a leg and loosen skin at largest part of leg. From there it’s all in the rub! Rub spices into skin and underneath the skin that you’ve pulled back (IMPORTANT: make sure a good amount of spices fill the areas between the meat and skin in order to get that spicy zing in you meal!). Place spiced-up legs on the broiler pan, wash hands, and then place the pan into the oven on “broiler setting” (IMPORTANT: don’t burn the bird! if you don’t already know, broilers cook for the top down, unlike baking. It will take a lot less time to broil these gorgeous legs!). Check chicken and make sure it’s not pink in the center near the bone. Extra fat will drip off into bottom of broiler and not go to YOUR thighs! I usually pull off the skin on a separate plate for less mess.

Now it’s time to enjoy this healthier finger-lickin-good-n-tasty-chicken! Pair with your favorite sides and you’ll be wishing for this dish every Sunday!