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Recipes Chicken Cutlets

Among easy-to-make dishes introduced to me by my Italian-American roommate, his recipe on chicken cutlets is among the “best sellers” in our shared house. He also tells me that chicken cutlets happen, too, to be among the best sellers in the restaurant that he used to own and run years ago. The four of us roommates would always be delighted having this meal for our dinner, where we usually have steamed rice, (or mashed potatoes) plus steamed vegetables as side dishes.

You need to prepare the following:
5 lbs of thawed chicken breasts (approximately 7 pieces of chicken parts)
2 medium sized eggs
2 cups of milk
2 cups of flour
3 cups of olive oil
Half a pound of flavored bread crumbs
1 cup of Italian taste grated cheese

Cut the chicken breasts to half, side-wise, following their length, such that they would be thin-looking and most probably almost come up like the size of your hand. My roommate would call this “to fillet the chicken.” Then with a sheet of cling wrap placed on top of the fillet pieces, pound each piece flat with your kitchen metal mallet (if you have one), or something that you can use to flatten the pieces. The cling wrap will ensure you won’t get smothered by flying tiny pieces as your mallet smashes the pieces. This will, also, help your cutlets to turn out crunchier when they’re fried.

In another container, crack and beat the two eggs, and then mix in the milk.

In a separate container, pour the bread crumbs, and add the grated cheese. This will turn to a much tastier set of cutlets.

With all the containers standing next to each other, i.e. the flour, the eggs with milk mixture, the bread crumbs with cheese, you’re now ready for the next major step.

Dunk each of the chicken first into the flour, both of its sides. Then dip it on the egg mixture (both sides). Then end the process by sinking the piece into the bread crumbs. Make sure the piece is fully covered by bread crumbs, and give the piece a gentle punch with your fist to give a more flatter feel to it, and to ensure the crumbs will stick to it. Place each of the finished pieces in a separate container in the meantime.

Repeat the above procedure for each chicken piece.

When all chicken pieces have been dunked, dipped, and sunk, you may want to put them in the meantime inside the fridge for at least an hour. This will allow the ingredients to settle better into the chicken parts. Or if you’re short with time, you may opt now to fry the cutlets.

Pour the olive oil into your frying pan, and turn on the stove to medium flame. When the olive oil’s heated, use a pair of tongs to pick up each of the chicken pieces from the container into the frying pan. Start the frying process. You may probably be able to fry 3 pieces at a time, depending on the size of your pan.

Turn each side of the chicken after approximately 5 minutes, and you will see that the side has been browned (fried). Repeat the process to the next batch of chicken pieces.

Drain excess oil from the fried chicken cutlets by placing them first on a plate with paper napkins on top of the plate. Then prepare your preferred side dish.

Good for at least 4 servings, plus extra for leftover meals the next day.