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Recipes Beetroot and Apple Salad

This recipe will create a buzz at any summer barbeque and is also ideal as a fresh winter salad. It’s fresh, tasty and highly adaptable. If you want to make a healthier version, skip the salad cream or use a lighter, healthier alternative. If you want to, you could add nuts, sultanas or seasoning as well.

Red apples are recommended as they have a sweeter flavour and softer texture. Green apples are slightly sharper and may affect the balance of flavours in this dish.

You can use shallots instead of normal onions if you prefer, and they will also sweeten the over all flavour of the dish.

The addition of fresh herbs of your choice, or black pepper, will also add a splash of colour and variation. If you’re unsure of which herbs to use, experiment with a spoonful of salad first before adding it to the whole dish.

Pink Salad/Winter Salad

(To serve 6)

2 Large Red Eating Apples cored. (Royal Gala is a recommended variety) Only peel them if you don’t like the skin.

4 Sticks of celery – washed and drained with any brown edges trimmed off.

1 Large Onion, (red or white) peeled with the ends removed

3 or 4 tinned or fresh beetroot (If using tinned beetroot be sure to drain it well before adding it to the salad.)

A few spoons of Salad Cream to bind (you can use mayonnaise, but the mustard in the salad cream adds a nice tang.)


Quick and easy. Dice all the ingredients into small cubes, add your salad cream and mix!

Serving suggestions:

Ideal with cold meats, baked potatoes and barbeque cuisine.

Nice additions: Pine nuts, sultanas, grapes, cashews anything you like!

This salad will keep for two or three days if covered and refrigerated.
You could call it a sweet and sour salad as the flavours compliment each other in a similar way. This salad is ideal with leftover cold meats on Boxing Day (or Thanksgiving). It also goes very well with a good mature cheddar.