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Recipe Lamb and Potato Curry

1 kg of lamb (cut into small pieces)

2 Onions (sliced)

0.5 tsp Ginger (crushed)

0.5 tsp Garlic (crushed)

1 can of Chopped Tomatoes (or 4 fresh chopped tomatoes)

1 tsp Chilli Powder

1tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Salt

0.5 tsp Garam Masala

Oil (2 tablespoons)

4 Potatoes (cut into medium size pieces)


Put the sliced onions and the oil into a saucepan and fry until they are nice and brown in colour. Add the small pieces of lamb to the browned onions and also add the crushed ginger and garlic. Now fry the meat in the onions, ginger and garlic until it changes colour. Add the salt, pepper, turmeric powder and garam masala and continue stirring the meat until it is well coated with all the spices. At this point, add the tomatoes to the meat while continuing to stir the meat. Add enough water to cover the meat and allow it to cook for at least half an hour until the meat is tender.

Continue to cook the meat on high heat until the oil starts to show in the pan and there is a nice reddish brown colour to the curry. This is the stage when the water has nearly dried and you can add the potatoes to the curry. Stir them into the curry so that they are well coated with the spices. Now add 2 or 3 cups of water to the meat to leave enough water for the potatoes to cook in.

Simmer the curry for at least 10 minutes or until the potatoes are done. Be careful not to overcook the potatoes or they will break. Add a final sprinkling of coriander leaves and a pinch of garam masala when you serve the curry to add to the final presentation. Some people fry the potatoes separately and add them to the finished curry to avoid having them breaking in it and ruining the final dish. It is a personal choice and either way the end result is mouth watering.

The curry is normally served with boiled white rice, fried rice or Naan