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Recipe Braised Turbot Scallops


For this excellent and expensive dish you will need the following list of ingredients:

4 100 grams turbot, which have been skinned and filleted

1 large leek

50 ml of double cream

100 grams of baby spinach

80 grams of mixed mushrooms

60 grams of unsalted butter

20 grams of fresh peas

10 grams of garlic puree

5 grams of lemon butter

4 large scallops, diced

4 grams of chives, chopped

salt and pepper

The dish is also served with a FOND BRAISAGE, which requires the following ingredients:

60 grams of sliced shallots

120 grams of button mushrooms

30 grams of unsalted butter

120 ml Noilly Pratt

30 ml water

The dish also needs an emulsion to be prepared, which requires the following ingredients:

325 grams of unsalted butter

250 grams of water

10 grams of salt

4 grams of whole white peppercorns

The first step in this complicated dish is to make the fond braisage. Take the butter and melt it in a pan before adding the shallots and a small amount of salt. Cook for around about 2 minutes until the mixture is soft and transparent. To this drop in the mushrooms and cook these well. To this the 120 ml of Noilly Pratt is added and reduce by around half over a steady heat. At this point add the water and bring to the boil. Upon completion remove from the heat and set aside.

Now to make the emulsion put all the ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil before blending in a blender.

Next cut the green of the leek into dice of around 1 centimeters each, whilst the rest of the vegetable needs to be cut into thin strips before being blanched quickly in boiling water.

To another pot pour in the cream and reduce before adding the garlic puree before transferring to the pot with the leeks in it.

Now preheat your oven to around 200 degrees C or gas mark 6. Take a brush and brush the turbot with the lemon butter and season with salt and pepper. Reheat some of the fond braisage and then place the fish on top. Bring to the boil and and cover with a lid before placing inside the oven for around 4 minutes. (Remember to use cookware that can be placed inside an oven!)

Remove from the oven and drain off the braising liquid into a separate pan, add some salt and pepper and then the scallops before poaching gently. You can at this stage add some cream and butter to thicken the sauce.

Finally, cook the spinach and wild mushrooms in the emulsion before adding the mixture into the leeks pan.

Arrange the vegetables into a nice neat square in the center of a plate and gently place the turbot and scallops on top before spooning the sauce over the whole dish.