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Reasons for coffee being a better drink choice

Coffee versus tea, tea versus coffee. This seems to be an age old question for people around the world. To really get a perspective on which is preferable to people, you simply need to look at certain parts of the world. Case in point, Britain = Tea, America = Coffee. Since I am writing on my beloved coffee you can pretty much guess what part of the world I am from.

I sit here writing this article sipping on a cup of delicious Kona chocolate macadamia nut coffee. See it is late here in Hawaii and since I needed a jolt to keep me going, I put on a pot and came in here to defend why I did it. Sure in my house there is an assortment of different teas, some of them very tasty in fact, yet I can’t bring myself to boil water for a nice cup of tea when to my left the coffee pot is looking at me. I try again, but no, the coffee wins me over as it always does. I have to be honest though, it never really was a battle. Truth is I would rather drink cold coffee over hot tea. I guess I am too late on the whole iced coffee thing though.

The fact of the matter is this. Coffee is always there for you anywhere you go. You go to most restaurants, day or night, and they have fresh pots of coffee ready to go. Go to any gas station, store or convenience store and 99% of the time they have some kind of dispenser with coffee ready to go in it. You just don’t walk into many establishments and ask if there is a pot of tea brewing by the coffee (don’t waste your time, there’s not).

For most of us, we wake up and want our delicious cup of Joe in the morning to get us going. There is just something about the hot liquid caffeine going down into your stomach to not only warm you up, but to also get your day started right. For me a nice cup of tea is something that you should enjoy cold with sugar in it, not to help you start your day.

All this being said I think it really comes down to what kind of environment we were brought up in. I always remember my Father with a cup of coffee in his hand in the morning. Dad liked it black or “barefoot” as they say in the south. I am pretty sure that if I saw dad with a steamy cup of flavored tea in his hand I would be writing this article on the side of tea. Last but not least, for those of you who say tea is much healthier for you remember this. America is already the unhealthiest nation in the world, do you think anyone here cares if coffee is good for you or not?