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Rainbow Drops


Swizzels and Matlow ‘Rainbow Drops’ are amazing. They are like a fairy candy, all air and no substance; but there is just something that is really good fun about these little drops of puffed maize. They are pretty and colourful and weigh absolutely nothing. But I like them for all those reasons.

Rainbow drops have been around a while and are very popular with children. Their bright colours catch the eye and their small size and light and crispy texture make them fun to eat. The great thing about Rainbow drops is that they contain NO artificial colourings.


I love these. Whenever I purchase these they always make me smile. I don’t know why, I think it is just their fun factor. I have the 80g large pack and it doesn’t seem to weigh anything at all. The packet is very colourful, like the sweets inside. It is bright purple with pictures of the tumbling Rainbow drops cascading down the packet. The lettering of ‘Rainbow Drops’ is written across the pack in large red letters. With the makers name of Swizzels Matlow Ltd placed above. The packet is 11″ high by 5″wide and part of the packet is clear so you can see through to the many colours of the Rainbow drops. The packet is packed full of hundreds of these tiny balls of maize and rice.

I like to put lots in my mouth at a time, as they don’t last five seconds and with one crunch to break the maize and rice balls they dissolve upon the tongue in the blink of an eye. It’s a bit like eating rice paper, you get the same feeling with these, that you haven’t eaten anything at all! It’s like eating thin air. The Rainbow drops have a nice, sweet sugary flavour, though I can’t really distinguish any particular individual flavours. I think the colouring is just there for show and doesn’t actually add any flavouring to the candy. But the experience of crunching and eating them is just fun. I certainly wouldn’t buy these if I was a bit hungry, they wouldn’t fill ‘any’ sort of hunger gap.


Sugar – Maize- Rice – Glucose – Syrup- Flavourings -.


Paprika – Beet Red – Copper Chlorophyllin. (Derived from grass) – Lutein (Vegetable Extract) – Carmine -.


Rainbow drops are great! I love their light fluffy texture and their fun, bright colours. They are just a bit of nonsense really but I really enjoy them. Swizzels Matlow have a great range of children’s sweets which they have been making now for many years, sweets such as: ‘Love Hearts, Drumstick Lollies, New Refreshers, Fizzers, Double Lollies, Rainbow Drops, Double Dip and Fun Gums. Swizzel and Matlow haven’t changed their recipes much over the years and all their sweets are all very good value. They are sweets of yesteryear and I think this is what’s so endearing about them. Plainly packaged, with no frills they are basic sweets with a cheap price tag.

Rainbow Drops are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. They are also low in fat. These sugar coated little puffs of maize and rice are a great buy at only 38p for an 80g bag. A nice fun bag of candy that doesn’t cost the earth.