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Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets one off on a good and healthy start. Nutritionists and health care professionals constantly advise eating a healthy breakfast and being diabetic is no exception to this rule. A lot of fast food is often not healthy, however here are some ideas to make quick, easy and healthy breakfasts everyday with the added bonus of being diabetic-friendly.

* Fruit smoothies

An easy and refreshing healthy option and great for on the go. A blender or liquidiser will be needed. Fruit can vary from fresh strawberries, blueberries and any other berry. Place a cup of cleaned and chopped fruit into the blender, add a cup or two according to preferences of any milk suitable, although low-fat will be best and some low fat yogurt if desired. Mix altogether, pour and drink.

* Eggs on toast

Depending upon how much time there is, eggs on wholemeal toast is a great filling and relatively quick and easy breakfast. Boiled eggs on toast can be an option, or scrambled eggs. Either way, add some grilled tomato and mushrooms to add great flavor and satisfaction. Tomatoes on a grill pan cook quickly and mushrooms don’t take long at all. This breakfast provides a healthy carbohydrate, protein and vitamins from the tomatoes and mushrooms.

* Wholewheat cereal

Wholewheat cereals such as Weetabix and others full of whole-grains and unsweetened with some low fat milk is a quick and easy option. The milk can be warmed for winter and used cold in the summer.

* Nut butters on bread

Spread some peanut, almond or cashew butter on some toasted wholemeal bread. In addition drink a cup of herbal tea like fennel or peppermint.

* Oatmeal

Porridge or oatmeal is very filling and healthy if cooked with low fat milk. It does not take long to cook at all and is perfect for the winter time. Finish off by sprinkling some nuts and cinnamon powder on top. Cinnamon has been widely cited as helping to manage diabetes by lowering blood sugar and so decreasing insulin resistance.

* Wholegrain toast and cheese

Low fat cottage cheese has very little calories and is one of the, if not the healthiest cheese. It is also possible to use other varieties of cheese, preferably low-fat ones. Spread cheese on toasted wholegrain bread. Alternatively add some healthy greens such as some rucola (arugula) and or mint.

With these quick, easy, healthy and tasty options, there is really no excuse in not having time to eat breakfast. A good breakfast can regulate insulin levels and set the day to be a good and positive one.