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Product Reviews Soda Club

There’s nothing quite like an ice cold soda on a hot summer day. The crackle of the soda on ice and the condensation on the glass makes me want to go take a drink now. What makes it better is knowing that today’s drink can be whatever flavor I want without having to keep the fridge well stocked. Soda Club is the answer to all life’s beverage problems. Does Cherry Coke sound good? Combine Pete’s Choice and Cola. Do you want a little cranberry-raspberry seltzer? How about some tonic water? Fizz up some water, add your syrup, and if you’re an adult, maybe a little gin or vodka, and sit back to watch the sunset. It just doesn’t get any better.

Soda Club has been around for years as a company and in our home for the last three years. We estimate that in the first year alone we saved enough money to more than double the investment. For less than a hundred dollars (at last check on SodaClub.com) you can get the carbonator system, spare CO2 canisters, several high-quality plastic bottles, and about a dozen flavors. The best part is that you control the flavor and it is consistent every time. The bottles are convenient to fill and chill then simply carbonate the water as much or as little as you like and add your syrup. Give it a little swirl and enjoy.

Each bottle of syrup claims to make 12 liters of soda or seltzer for about $3.99, but we’ve found it to be more like 15 liters in the end. The cap-measure equals three tablespoons and using a kitchen utensil makes the process less messy. Another great thing is that you can carbonate to your taste. I find some sodas to be overwhelming and some not enough, so we’ve taken care of that problem. Three squirts for cola, four for root beer and seltzer, and five for energy drink (spice it up a little) and we always like our creation.

With a little creativity you can easily mix and match flavors. Cola and Pete’s Choice makes Cherry Coke. Pete’s Choice and Root Beer makes Dr. Pepper. Ginger Ale and Gin makes me happy.

The unit takes up precious little counter space and the syrup bottles are plastic, easy to clean and store, and weigh much less than the equivalent soda. There are no cans or bottles to burst and cause a mess, no sticky soda cans or crunched up plastic bottles waiting to be recycled or going in the garbage and everyone can have the drink of their choice without spending a fortune.

At 2/3 the carbs, calories, and sugar of regular soda you can’t go wrong. All this talk of a refreshing drink has made me parched, I think I’ll have a Gin & Tonic, thank you.