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Product Reviews Pot Noodle

Pot noodle is your basic noodle in a cup snack that is quick and easy to make, perfect for me! It is said to be the UKs number one pot snack (and that would appear to be right as Pot noodle is the only pot snack I can think of!).

Pot noodle come in a cup shaped plastic container, this is very convenient as you don’t need to get your own cup or bother with any washing up, so if you are lazy and just want food without the hassle of getting plates and then washing them Pot Noodle will please you. Pot noodle has recently got a revamp in the design, the cup has remained the same but the design on the front is much more modern and appealing.

My flavour was Chicken and Mushroom, the design of my pot was green and what they have cleverly done is show off the noodles on the front cover by transforming the Os into a pot shape with a picture of some of the noodles. The O in Pot is the opening and the two Os in Noodle have been moulded into the pot. I think that the new look is quite an attractive design for a simple snack. In fact the new design was part of the reason I bought my Pot Noodle as my previous experiences with Pot Noodle weren’t the best!

To make the noodles all you have to do is tear off the foil lid, you will then find a sachet of soy sauce on the top, nice. Then boil your kettle, add in the boiling water up to the level marked on the inside of your pot. Leave it to stand for a couple of minutes, stir, leave for a couple of minutes again, another stir, add the soy sauce if you want to, I did and then you can “enjoy “it.

What you have left once you have made your pot is not the most visually appealing snack, the noodles looked fine but the chicken and mushroom stuff was a funny murky green colour, is it just me or is green not the first colour that springs to mind when thinking about chicken? The taste just tasted of salt to me, though maybe that was due to the soy sauce. The sauce was rather thin but that is what I was expecting as I had just poured boiling water in. There were little bits of reconstituted veggys floating around my pot which tasted alright. Overall I wasn’t very impressed but I was hungry so I did finish my entire pot. If you are hungry you would probably too, it isn’t the tastiest thing around but it does fill you up.

Nutritional Information
A pot noodle initially is very light but once you have added in your water and reconstituted all the noodles and bits it is around 300 grams. In your Pot you will get 418kcal of energy, 10.4 grams of protein, 60.7 grams of carbohydrate of which 4.8 is sugar, 14.8 grams of fat of which 6.9 is saturated fat, 3.1 grams of sodium, 1.9 grams of salt if you use the sachet of soy sauce or 1.1 gram if you do not. Not too bad as a Pot Noodle will easily satisfy you for lunch, if you will satisfied by it that is!

Price and Conclusion
Pot noodle are available from supermarkets and grocery stores everywhere; I bought mine from the corner shop for 99p, not too shabby for a lunch time meal. You can also get various different flavours like Curry, Beef and Tomato, Tikka Masala, Chow Mein and a few others. If a small pot isn’t enough for you, a larger size called King Pot is available, though a standard one was more than enough for me. I thought the colour was rather strange and the flavour isn’t going to wow you but it will fill you up, for an instant meal it isn’t bad, but you definitely could get better. 3/