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Product Reviews Ninja Master Prep Professional

This blender, the Ninja Master Prep Professional, does exactly what it says on the tin. Making short work of any chopping, blending or pulsing, this product is suitable for any kitchen. The product comes with three work bowls (two pitchers and a bowl) and a power unit. Each work bowl comes with its own lid and its own blade set meaning users simply have to transfer the power unit to another bowl if one is already full.

With six blades in the large pitcher and four in the smaller two, the unit is set up for efficient chopping. The power unit is ideal for purpose, supplying enough power to wind the blades and make short work of anything in the bowls. The blade set-up means that smaller items do not drop beneath the blades, and all is included in the chop. The biggest danger is operating the device for too long, and turning what was intended to be a salsa into a purée very quickly.

The entire unit except for the motor is dishwasher safe, and the shape of the system does not cause undue issues with hidden items of food after a wash. This benefit, combined with each unit having its own lid, means that there should never be a time when you are left wanting, even with storing one or two batches of product in the units, a simple dishwash of the other unit means that you are continually cooking and using the system.

A recipe book is included in the box. This is particularly useful for those who only have a specific purpose in mind for this product. The recipes are well put together and put the system through its paces, demonstrating the power and abilities to all. New chefs can adapt the methods demonstrated in the book, producing their own creations.

Despite the speed and the facility of use, the unit does have its down sides. Although noisy, like many blenders, the plastic components reverberate causing excess noise. These plastic components, as well as noisy, do not fill the consumer with confidence. The thin plastic seems brittle and could break easily over time and use. Overfilling is also easy, as with all blenders. The spout needs to be tightened shut to prevent spilling. Use can also cause problems. The power of the unit is sufficient that excessive use can turn your chopped items into a smoothie, making a salsa flavoured juice very quickly.

Overall, the system does exactly what it is intended to do, being easy to use and efficient in all tasks. Care should be taken using the device as misuse or overuse could result in blending or spilling. However, careful use demonstrates the power of the device, as well as those things that can be achieved using it.