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Product Reviews Jack Lalannes Power Juicer

We have all been told as children by our mothers – you better eat your vegetables.

Vegetables provide nutrients and vitamins that help the average person live a happy and healthy life but if you are the 89% of Americans that doesn’t eat the recommended two cups of vegetables a day then the Jack LaLanne Juicer is the first step you need to get back on the veggie track.

The Jack LaLanne was introduced to the market at in the 1980’s and has since revolutionized the world of nutrition. At age 93, Jack LaLanne is still active and has been working out for two hours daily and thanks it all to juicing.

The juicer introduced a new type of nutrition to the nation. Juicing introduces the aspect of consuming the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthy life. Accodring to different scientific research it is been proven that eating different type of vegetables can prevent different diseases and might prevent cancer.

The classic model comes with different blades and a pulp extractor that ensures that pulp that comes from the vegetable. The juicier is easy to use as all you need to do is put the blade in put the pulp extractor in the back, turn on the machine, and insert the vegetable and your done.

Cleanup is easy. All parts that need to be washed are dishwasher safe.

The deluxe and pro models are not essential to juicing but do provide an alternative comfort from that of the regular model. The deluxe model gives the user the comfort of a quiet motor and still has the 3,600 RPM power necessary for great tasting juice. The pro model is for vanity purposes only as it provides all the motor functions that the deluxe model uses but it stainless steel finish is the main difference between the deluxe and classic model.

Although like buying a grill or a fryer, buying the juicer introduces a whole new world of food and it takes time and trials needed master this new cooking style.

A simple recipe is combining celery with fennel and cucumbers. This is an easily tolerated mix that should be consumed by those just starting out with juicing.

Unfortunately these are not as beneficial as the more intense dark green vegetables. Once you get used to these though you can start adding the better, but perhaps less palatable ones in.

Green leafy vegetables are the best to use in your vegetable juicing program. All green leafy vegetables work well. The easiest ones to use include all the lettuces including, but not restricted to red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce and especially escarole lettuce

You can then put in some of the other similar green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and cabbage.

Cabbage juice is one of the most healing juices when it comes to repairing an ulcer as it is a huge source of vitamin U.

Herbs also make wonderful combinations. Parsley and cilantro are great in vegetable juice.

The Jack LaLanne juicer provides all the essentials which is needed for a healthy and happy lifestyle