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Product Review Sir Fartalots Hot Sauce

Sir Fartalot’s hot sauce is more than just a condiment with a funny name, it’s a top notch hot sauce that you more than likely have never heard about. Sir Fartalot is not for the timid and it is hardly for a newbie to the world of hot sauces, it is more for the advanced connoisseur who wants some heat and has no shame about letting some farts slide out. Take it from personal experience, Sir Fartalot is more than a name to be cute, just a small portion of this hot sauce will turn you into its namesake.

On the “hot scale”, Sir Fartalot’s is about midway between medium and hot. It has some zing to it, it’s certainly got more zip than Texas Pete or Louisiana Lightning, but it is not going to scorch you. If you can’t handle either of those without some discomfort, you can’t handle Sir Fartalot as you won’t just fart – a lot – you’ll likely get the green apple splatters and nobody wants that. If you’re active socially this might not be a good choice as flatulence can last a few hours and it is not the cute kind, it is the smelly cheek slapper variety.

The key to delivering some zip without being unbearable is that Sir Fartalot does not contain habanero peppers. Instead it goes with a blend of jalapeno peppers and hot red peppers. To top things off red wine vinegar, honey, gold tequila, and brown sugar round out the mix. As you can imagine this is more of a sweet zippy hot than a face melting hot. You can safely use this on most any dish without having to worry about going overboard and ruining the meal.

Sir Fartalot’s is most widely sold in the 5 ounce bottle size and has a very easy to spot picture of a knight in shining armor surrounded by gas clouds around the rectal area. Expect to pay around $7 for a bottle which is not too bad for a “gourmet” item. The label further suggests that Sir Fartalot’s is good on chili, beans, eggs, cheese, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, or just about anything. So far that has held true in my experience.

Sir Fartalot’s hot sauce isn’t something you run across on most shelves, but it can be ordered and delivered to wherever you are. To obtain some for yourself contact CaJohns for a bottle at cajohns.com. While you’re there check out their other products too, some are really pretty good.

In the final analysis, Sir Fartalot’s is about a 7/10 so far as hot sauces go. It isn’t too hot which makes it a good choice for groups, but it also has a really good flavor on its own rather than just being a product used to kick food up a notch on the hot scale.