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Poutine French Canadian Potatoes Canadian Treats Recipes Food Canadian Recipies Potato

Poutine – it doesn’t sound good to Americans, sort of medicinal – or worse! Something you’d put on a cut or scrape up off the floor – but wait! Poutine, a French Canadian specialty, is a dish almost any American is bound to go for! In Canada it’s as much a staple as mac n’ cheese in The States.

Imagine tender potato spears like French fries, not the shoestring variety found at most fast food restaurants stateside, but plumper pieces, almost wedge-sized. Frying these succulent potato slices is done more delicately so that the finished product is slightly brown on the outside but tender inside. But here’s what really sets poutine apart: the potatoes are combined with chunks of cheese and a whole host of other toppings; Italian sauces, meat, and cream or brown gravies – the list goes on and on and the result is not just a side dish to accompany your hamburger, but a meal in istelf!

Canadians enjoy poutine anytime of year, anytime of day. It’s easy to imagine poutine recipes that would go nicely with a breakfast of eggs and bacon, or as an addition to Mexican Migas (scrambled eggs and meats cooked together). Their seeming simplicity is what makes poutine an ideal accompaniment to any meal of the day

Poutine is offered in many Canadian restaurants as a snack or an appetizer prior to the main meal, and in Montreal, American tourists can experience a taste adventure unlike any American dish, but consisting of farovite and recognizable foods easily found in the good old U. S. of A. Liekwise, once one had enjoyed poutine, it’s easy to imagine how to prepare this dish as a new addition to the American culinary repertoire, perhaps even as a cold dish that could accompany a picnic basket on the 4th of July without being the same old potato salad. The only rule is to use your imagination and don’t make the mistake of overcooking the potatoes! Tender potatoes are key to poutine success

Poutine knows no limits in the ways it can be prepared and is a guaranteed treat to the pallet. But don’t be fooled; even though poutine is offered as an appetizer in many Canadian restaurants, it can be a filling, nutritious meal all by itself – and a bargain to boot. Next time you’re in Canada (or feeling like experimenting in your own kitchen), give poutine a try. Make up your own story to accompany your version of this delightful dish. You’ll enjoy your own creation and impress your guests with this pleasingly Un-American and very tasty treat.

Bon appetite!