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Pizza the Ultimate Meal

College Convenience Catering

College students do not have the time or the patience to be galloping gourmets, unless of course they are doing a masters degree in hospitality and need to be a master chef, in which case they are the exception to the rule.
Pizza reigns supreme not only as a flavor but as the ultimate meal and plays an important part in campus cuisine. It also provides the income to afford the ability to stay on campus, as any college student who has subsidized their college fund with part-time pizza deliveries will tell you.
Pizza not only feeds the masses, it is cheap, familiar and filling and if that is not enough to boast about, it can be delivered directly to your door. How effortless can it get?
Praise be, to the person who invented the almighty Pizza!
This food of the Gods not only comes in an array of sizes and flavors but can also be accompanied by a wide range of side dishes, as long as your range is pasta based.
Pizza can instill a sense of community because as soon as one is delivered to you, it will not come as a surprise at how much of the community will gather around you.
Your parents will be pleased at the popularity you will achieve all for the sake of the Pizza.
It also comes with its own built in plate. There is no time wasted cleaning up or doing the dreaded dance of the dishes. Oh what bliss! And more time for study, and that’s another plus, you can even eat a pizza while studying. There has never been a meal so user friendly than the mighty Pizza.
On any given day, there is a pizza outlet in your vicinity with a special on, some have a buy 3 get one free, or voucher give aways, for your next pizza purchase . A pizza is a very affordable meal and a large one with all the trimmings can be bought for less than $20 or that can be two meals if you choose not to share. That can be difficult because the aroma from a pizza is a dead giveaway someone is holding out.
What does a Pizza consist of? Mostly an oven cooked dough base, some have cheese crust bases (they are the best) smothered with tomato paste and an assortment of toppings ranging from meats of many kinds such as ham, bacon, salami, chicken, topped with vegetables such as onion, tomato, peppers, mushroom. A choice of Vegetarian is also an option. Pineapple or egg is also a few of the more exotic flavors that can also be added, depending upon your taste. It is then sprinkled with cheese and put into a pizza oven to be cooked, where all the flavors are slowly melted together. The aroma is divine
Leftovers can be squirreled away for later snacks, but be careful because it isn’t safe to leave a pizza lying around for too long, someone will eat it, for sure!