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Pizza Storage

Pizza is loved by millions worldwide which means inevitably some is going to be left over. Unbelievably there is also a great deal of controversy over which is the best way to store left over pizza. Doesn’t that just prove we are really pizza obsessed?

Some folks say the easiest method is to well, do nothing. Leave that uneaten pizza in the box on the counter, or shove it in the oven for safekeeping from pets if that is an issue. However, there is a bigger issue than Fido when storing pizza unrefrigerated. If you plan to not eat those left-overs soon pizza left at room temperature will grow bacteria. If it is a few hours, you are probably going to be fine (The United States Agricultural department says “two hours”), but leaving pizza over night is not really the best idea. You are unquestionably risking food poisoning, which is not nearly as fun as eating pizza.

The next step in the effort ladder for pizza storage would be to leave it in the box and place the box in the fridge or on a cold porch if you live up north. This is a little better. You are at least keeping your pizza in the food “safe zone”, which is below 40 degrees and above 140. The porch again, short-term storage is recommended because outside temperatures do fluctuate. (Tell an Alaskan that!) The only issue with in the box fridge storage is the pizza may dry out and become less fresh tasting. This also applies to just throwing it on a plate in the fridge uncovered.

You could take one more step and remove it from the box, cover it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. This would be by all rights safe, and keep your pizza deliciously ready to eat. After all cold pizza is just as good as warm, however, there is one more method of storing pizza that takes the cake for the “best” way to store pizza.

Remove the pizza from the box. Wrap in tin foil and place in the refrigerator. Why is that better than a plate? Simple, it takes up less shelf space and you do not have to wash a plate. As a side note, if you choose to reheat your pizza, take it out of the foil.

A less inexpensive winner? A pizza storage box, or “Pizza Apartment”. Yes, we love pizza so much there is such thing as a left over pizza storage box, which is a tub-a-ware type container, shaped like a slice of pizza. These nifty contraptions cost under twenty dollars and are more eco-friendly than tin foil. I only exclude them from being the best way to store pizza because you would have to have this product to store pizza this way.

Now that you know the best way to store pizza keep in mind that pizza generally goes bad after about four days. The crust will become chewy and it will be generally just stale. Not that that is a concern, who can resist left-over pizza for four days?