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Petes Eats Cafe the Worlds best Cafe where to Eat in Llanberis where to Eat in North Wales

Pete’s Eats is a cafe which first opened back in 1978. The cafe is located in Llanberis which is in the heart of Snowdonia. Llanberis has long been associated with the outdoor way of life, which means Pete’s Eats is primarily aimed at the walking community that can often be found in and around Llanberis.

When Pete opened his little café over thirty years ago, he wanted it to be the kind of place he would love to find when he was on his travels. He set out to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. He never pressures people into leaving, even when busy, he wants them to stay for as long as they wish. He believes in keeping his prices low and the quality of food high, this keeps people coming back. Even though this café is aimed at the walking and climbing community, Pete makes sure it’s a family environment and children are always welcome!

The food in Pete’s Eats really is stunning. The café really takes the words ‘cheap and cheerful’ to a whole new level. Behind the counter there is a large menu up on the wall that offers everything from Full English Breakfasts right through to Fillet Steaks. There is such a wonderful choice of meals and the prices are very reasonable. You can also buy a giant mug of coffee or tea, they do smaller cups but the larger option is a must! There are also some excellent deserts on offer that will tempt many customers.

When the food arrives the first thing you will notice is the size of the portions. The meals here are huge. For instance if you were to order a burger, you will receive a large homemade burger on a large wholemeal bun, with salad and relish on. You will also get a large portion of crispy chunky chips. A little bit of side salad and a small dish of homemade coleslaw. All the portion in this café are extra large!

The walls in the café are littered with climbing photos, some for sale, some just there to inspire the people eating here. There is also a wall with a notice board with all the local events and suggestions of things to do in the area, very handy for anyone unfamiliar with the area. There is a big shelf full of books that you can swap and take home with you, or just sit and read for a while. I noticed there is internet access if you wanted to log on and do some surfing, either on your own laptop or there are free computers up stairs in a room that anyone could use.

The café is mainly open plan but there are areas where you can snuggle up in a corner and be on your own. Each room has a fire in, and there is a nice open fire in one room. I also noticed central heating in all the rooms so this place would be nice and snug in the winter and I imagine they would have no problems with you drying your wet clothes on the hot radiators. The place is very bright, lots of big windows in all the rooms keeps the place feeling fresh and lively.

Pete’s Eats is more than just a cafe. There are also rooms available upstairs, a kind of bunkhouse. Its just £13 a night for a bed or £32 a night for a double room. There is also a room you can hire out that sleeps 12 and that’s only £150 a night, quite a bargain really. The facilities are excellent, four different toilets located around the café! These are for public use, none of this ‘customers only’ business. There are also basic shower facilities for guests to use upstairs.

Overall Pete’s Eats really is a wonderful café that really does serve stunning food and have an excellent atmosphere. Pete’s Eats is also so much more than just a café, it’s a place where like minded people can meet up and share their adventures and experiences of the breathtaking lands that surround Llanberis. Next time you are in North Wales make sure you pay Pete’s Eats a visit.