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Party Food Party Snacks Easy to Make Snacks Snacks

There can be a multitude of things to get done in preparation for a New Years or any other type of party that involves food and/or entertainment. So, snack foods need to be made quickly and easily.

Food is often a part of the entertainment process. Even if it is a potluck event, the host or hostess is expected to provide at least a sketch of the total menu. Some novelty is expected and is often appreciated. People rarely rave about a bag of chips or a package of cookies.

The easiest desserts to make for New Years Eve with family or friends involve a range of items that can be made with a variety of Ganaches, sugar cookie dough, pies, cakes, or popcorn.

Ganache is a cream based product. Dark chocolate chips are used most often. Peanut butter, almond bark and other similar types of chips can be used instead or in conjunction. Heavy cream and a touch of butter is heated and then added slowly to the chips while stirring it all.

It can be used as a glaze or first layer on cake or brownies if it is used while it is still warm. It will thicken as it cools such that it will spread like icing if left out on the counter just long enough. One can put it into the fridge for a couple of hours to harden it enough to use for truffles. Scoop out a bit of the hardened ganache, roll it into a ball and then roll it over chocolate sprinkles. Youtube has a good demonstration on making a Ganache product: Joyofbaking.

Other easy snacks that are good to make using the versatile ganache recipe include dipping things into the glaze. Pretzels and cookies are good dipping choices. Sugar cookie balls or logs can work too. The ganache glaze can also be poured over roasted and salted peanuts when it begins to cool and is still in its liquid form.

Sugar cookie dough can be handmade or bought in a tube in the refrigerated section at the store. On can spread it out and do cookie cutter shapes, or one can just roll them into balls or logs. Then decorate them with Royal or other icing later. Use plastic squeeze condiment bottles to decorate with or just use a butter knife. sugar cookies. EW56Bhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nFnQiAB_BUWH6PDfast and easy way to make popcorn balls. balls are great too.

These easy to make snacks can be augmented or garnished by bowls of mixed nuts, chips and/or M&M’s. (Nuts and fruits are good choices to have for friends or family who might be on restricted diets.) Be prepared to have a great party!